Differences in plants

Hello, I fully admit I am 100% a noob. I just got some of the girl scount cookies extreme fem planted, and one of them is starting to look a bit odd. took some quick pics so I can get some criticism heh.


Ready gro growing medium
15ml/gal CNS17Grow Nutrients, ph balanced water to about 6ish, water twice a day 12ish hours apart
HLG 100 95W 4K LED Grow Light (the rest is the 3x3 grow room tent from growershouse)
I have a dehumidifier (that isn’t running) and a heater set to keep it about 75-80, the location is normally pretty cold due to the hvac system being right there, the humidity is about 50%, feels pretty humid.


Probably about time to up pot. Your soil also looks very wet. I would remove run off water from your catch basin/saucer. Dope plants like a wet/dry cycle. I would also try to keep water/solution off of the leaves. Droplets can act like a magnifying glass with the lights. I’m not familiar with your growing medium, is it considered soil or soilless? I have only used soil or straight hydro. If this is soilless medium, I have no experience with that type of growing. :v:


I’m on board with @repins12. A plant that age should only be getting a few of ml of water every couple of days. Cannabis won’t tolerate chronically wet soil.


I too am curious about soil and nutes. 15 ml per gallon is a LOT.

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Wow, lots of help, let’s see:

the growing medium is Coco Coir, so it’s nutrient free. I feed with every watering to make up for that as advised on the side of the bag lol. Otherwise I don’t think I’d want to feed that much.

15ml is according to the the feeding schedule on the back of the nutes for the second week, which ends on Tuesday. After that, it goes up to 17 I believe.

I think I’m overwatering though according to a google search that I just did. The amount of algae according to what I’m reading says I’m overdoing it. So my new strategy is

  1. bigger pots. I’ll transplant them tonight into 3gal fabric buckets.
  2. switching to watering every other day.
  3. bumping the nutes to the new ratio for the next week

You will find looking at people’s journals on here very few growers are concerned about manufacturers recommended nutrients amounts. I remember I was shown a chart of the schedule and amounts. Every single person said the same thing follow the schedule but do half the amount. So keep in mind they make money off sales, so the more you use the faster you reorder.

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This! I run FF and use 1/2 to 3/4 of the schedule recommendation depending on what my plants are telling me. I have experienced excesses doing even this much.

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So, even in coco, you’d say do something closer to 9ml/gal?

I think @Myfriendis410 has more experience in Coco , so I believe he should advise on amounts.

FF builds up salts and so does coco. Periodic flushes and taking runoff TDS is important

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What’s FF? Flush, is that simply watering w/o nutes?

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FF= Fox Farms

Flushing is done with either a flushing agent like Flora Kleen or with purified water.

I’m using botanicare, but i’m assuming that the logic still applies.

I’ve let the coco dry out for the past 36ish hours and moved them to the 3 gal buckets. I also threw a fan in there.

So today was my first watering with this knowledge. I used up the last of my 15ml water on the surrounding coco, which wasn’t a lot of water, I got some distilled water today and I’ll flush them tonight because I know I have been going pretty hard on the nutes.

How much water am I supposed to give them? I know you guys said 10% runoff, but that really seems like a LOT.

Okay, I’m freaking out a bit. I’m not sure where I went wrong, up till today things seemed alright, but I’ve been watering every other day and every second water is a flush… I think I might have missed a water because the coco was WAY dry. They weren’t even supposed to get watered tonight lol. But now there’s something wrong. check out the leaves in the pics. Mah girls!

I also have been talking to some local hydroponics store employees (I like diverse input) and have some wildly differing opinions on the funky looking one. I have one person who without hesitation said it was a mutant and that I should toss it and Girl Scout Cookies can do that. Then another, said that he thinks it’s not only going to straighten out and fly right, but that it’s gonna produce a lot. I dunno personally it’s not looking good.

Alright, current grow specs:

Botanicare CNS17 Grow 9ml/Gal
water every other day PH balanced to 6ish
temp: 73f (there’s still a heater set to 80 but now the exhaust fan is on and seems to be sucking the temps down)
humidity: 58%

I have a temp gun now too so I got a temp on the leaves to check if they were burning but I didn’t get any concerning temps.

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