Difference in the Gorilla Glue plants

I attached some pictures of my first grow of Gorilla Glue. All five plants germinated and are in the 8th week. My concern is why some plants are short and full of fat flowers like expected of autoflower. And. others are around 4+ feet tall and small flowers. They all get the same light, air, nutes, pH balanced water, and rotated in the tent. Please explain why the huge differences so I may avoid any mistakes I am making. I did no LST, topping or pruning. I just don’t understand the differences and how they occurred so dramatically.
Bob A.


Each plant is an individual and will grow differently… looking good though.

Try LST next grow, it increases yield

Sometimes you just get a mutant that grows far bigger then normal happened to me with my strawberry pie


Yup! I had the same thing happen to me this time around…Ive said this on other posts too! Last year I did all 5 autos Blueberry…They All came out branchy and bushy…Great big yield…This time I wanted a variety and got Gorilla Glue,Gsc,Banana kush,Bruce Banner,skittlez…The Gglue one came out semi bushy while the other was like a tower …straight up and not bushy…One real purple the other mint green…same with the Bruce b. They say its “phenotype” but hey what do I know…All I know is that there was too much of a difference to be from the same genes …but then again? who knows…

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