Difference in phenotypes

My buddy just told me a cool story.

He went to meet a grower in Mendocino and check out his stock.

Guy pulls out 3 pounds and tells him these are the 3 types I have(don’t remenber exact names)

This one is runt, the next is green goddess, and the last purple cookies.

My bro takes a rip of all three and checks the nugs. He says “Runt is Stoney but the smell puts me off, green goddess is a beautiful light green, but buds are a little small, and I love the purple cookies, purple color great smell, big nugs. I’ll take 5 pounds of the purple cookies.”

Grower bags on up and tells my bro “ those were 3 separate phenotypes of a single batch of Northern Lights seeds.”

Don’t be put off if your individual plants are different…


It’s really neat how each plant is really unique. All the more reason to clone them when you find one you really like.


Genetics in general is a fascinating topic. There’s a lot of psychosomatics going on there, too, though.