Difference in pheno finishing times?

Hey friends,
So I have two white widow phenos, that popped on the same day (feb 15). One has pretty much finished up (25 % amber trichs with the rest being cloudy, yellowing and wilting all over plant. Hairs are red and super curly).
The other pheno though, has virtually no yellowing and the trichs are mostly cloudy but still a few clear.
My question is, is it normal for two of the same strain plant to vary pretty big on finishing time because it looks like this one is a couple weeks from being done. Here are photos, sorry if quality sucks.


Hello? Anyone there

Gets thin here at times…

Very nice looking plants.

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Yes. Even though they r the same strain, they will act and look differently. Just the nature of the little ladies.

Sometimes they are just letting us know they want some more time to plump up.

Yes different phenos of the same strain will have different characteristics and finish times only way to have the same finish times is by clone

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Thank you guys, I guess I am going to have to get a separate little tent to dry. I am kinda stuck with one ready to pull.

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You can always use a cardboard box but id definitely recommend a small 2x2 to hang and dru them there are alot of cheap 2x2 tents on amazon

WeDryer XL - best $100 I ever spent.

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They’re both so close to done I would be fine harvesting both and tagging them - one for a more couchlock-y high and the other for a more typical buzz.

Trichome shots would tell the full story, but if there’s a majority of cloudy to be seen, that’s done in my book.

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Thank you all very much

Thanks @Newt . I hadn’t discovered this until your reply. I gotta snag one of these

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You won’t be sorry.