Difference in PAR/PPFD in red/blue vs 3500K leds

Hi, according to this lumen/par converter “Convert Lumens to PPF - Online Calculator | Waveform Lighting” 10k lumens from a 3500K led and 10k lumens from a red or blue light led, produce different PAR values.

For example: 10k lumens of a 3500k led low cri produce 160 umol/s and 10k lumens of a 450nm led can produce 1155 umol/s al (7x more PAR/PPFD)

So my question is the blue led has more PAR that 3500k led? (based on this calculator)

Another thing to think, only if the last was true, one simple 100w of red or blue led is sufficient for the most of grow tents!!!

I’ll tag @dbrn32 for this one. I get by on this info, but he’s better at it. I wouldn’t want to steer you wrong.

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Ya. If you took an led that was available in blue and 3500k and ran them at same power the blue wouldn’t measure as many lumens as the 3500k. Yet all of the blue would be in the par region.