Difference between smoking and ingest the oil

I am currently trying to grow outdoor for the first time. But I was told that instead of smoking it, I should just buy it from someone who can supply the oil that is properly made for $100 per small bottle. I used to make the Canna butter and take some edibles but it gave me bowel irritation and I keep going to the toilet. I was told that this was due to not doing the right thing to extract the oil. Could you please share your experience re the difference between taking oil vs smoking it.

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Smoking metabolizes the THC through the lungs, the act of burning it decarboxylates it; making it psychoactive.

Eating it requires you to first decarb the material before processing as the material won’t be burned.

Smoking gets in the blood stream quickly and has rapid effects. Eating it requires the liver to process this THC which converts it into, IIRC, 11, Hydroxy THC. This is 5 times as potent as THC which is why edibles can be problematic.

It’s also possible the canna butter you made (with real butter) might have simply caused a lactose reaction. When I make butter I use coconut oil as it cooks like butter and extracts from the plant material more easily.

@blackthumbbetty is a wizard with the edibles.

I smoke daily and eat a brownie before bed for sleep. If you weren’t habituated to the THC, one of my brownies would likely put you in the hospital. For therapeutic use, the term ‘loading dose’ is used and simply means you have to maintain medicine levels at all times.


Thank you very much for the explanation.

Used the coconut oil to make cookies. But then end up having bowel irritation as well. So I am stuck with vaping. But was recently advised to get a concentrated oil from someone who supposedly know what to do.

I might have done it incorrectly in the past. I tried with vodka, butter, coconut oil cookie, some gelatine, olive oil dressing and all sort of things.

Coconut oil can irritate your digestive track. Some people are particularly sensitive.

You can try making a Quick Wash Ethanol Tincture, reduce it down to a concentrated oil, then mix it into a carrier fluid and make some tincture. Tincture can be dosed sublingually OR used in food/drink.

Oh, also, keep your decarbed weed frozen and use a can cold ethanol. This will help pull less chloraphyll and other non-medicinal elements, which can also cause stomach upset.


Use ice cold