Difference between cheap and expensive marijuana seeds


Where to buy marijuana seeds?Is there any difference between expensive and cheap marijuana seeds in terms of quality? The advertisements for seeds in Cannabis Culture show awesome plants. Is it possible to get those kinds of plants from any type of seed?

The quick answer here is maybe. Marijuana seeds that are high-priced don’t always produce plants that are of high-quality. Of course, expensive seeds are more prone to producing better buds. A plant’s appearance, rate of maturation, yield, potency, and taste are generally products of the genetic makeup of the plant. This means that the particularmarijuana strain has a lot to do with the quality of the bud. You could be an expert gardener, but the plant’s genetics are often going to determine just how good your crop turns out. This is why it’s important to start with the best seeds or clones.

Marijuana seed prices often range from one end of the spectrum to the other, but you can’t always correlate price with quality. Prices are more likely determined by a strain’s popularity. If the strain wins a few cannabis contests, its price will rise ostensibly because it is better than many other plants.

Commercial cannabis seeds generally maintain more uniformity, but certain see breeders don’t uphold standard breeding techniques. Instead, they produce hybrids of hybrids that haven’t been inbred for stability. Thus, their strains tend to have some large variations. Individual growers could benefit from taking clones of all the plants they grow from seed on their own.

When the harvest is over and the yields and quality have been compared, the best marijuana plants are chosen and their clones reproduced for future years. Thus, it might be better to select clones if at all possible. These plants have been preselected for their above average qualities, so you won’t have to evaluate the plants on your own. These clones have the precise genetic makeup of their clone mothers.

Environmental factors do affect yield, potency, and appearance of the bud, and, in general, plants that receive adequate light, water, nutrients, space, and temperature will produce higher quality buds. Still, even the best garden can’t make up for poor genetics.

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I would say the price is of no concern, if and only if you have the right genetics. basically you are paying for the promise of high quality genetics. For example you can find many places selling white widow seeds. I have grown this strain for many years. I had a disaster about a year ago and lost my crop and mother plants. I bought seeds from a company Claiming white widow and it wasn’t. I know this because of my experience, not the same plant. I am new to this site and have not purchased seeds from them as of yet. I will in the future just to see. I pay more than most sites charge because I know that the company I buy from have the right genetics.



this is my 3rd grow. white widow and thc bomb were grown indoors the last 2 years. I have 1 fem amnesia, 3 purple kush reg, 3 og kush reg. about 2 weeks old in rockwool. I germinated the seeds before putting in rockwool. still waiting for them to break out. also have 3 thc bombs growing real well outdoors from seeds I just threw in the yard. I am waiting for the purple kush and og kush to get big enough to cut a branch to force into male/female to get my mother plant. I am in Florida, USA. first time I have grown outdoor. but my problem is I cannot get these seed to germinate. first time I have had a problem and yes I purchased these from a top seed seller at high prices. I have bought my prior seeds from this company and had about 90% germination rate. have a few more of each strain but do not want to plant and have the same thing happen. oh, ph is fine in rockwool.
ANY PLACE ON WEB TO BUY LESS EXPESSIVE SEEDS? I AM A QUADRIPLEGIC ON A TIGHT BUDGET SO I DON’T HAVE MUCH ROOM FOR ERROR! in November marijuana will be legal in Florida and make things easier. Any info on a good place to purchase seeds would be appreciated. This is a nice website but the seeds are on the financial high side. Thanks in Advance.
gimpy don wyattstuff@yahoo.com


gimpy don.

What do you mean? Cut off a branch to force male/female? All you need is to take a cutting from each, root them, and put them into a separate 12/12 area to promote sexing. Maybe I misunderstood your statement.

As far as your high dollar seeds. Contact the store you bought them from and get replacements. Any good reputable seed dealer wants your repeat business, and will generally replace the bad seeds with a new pak, and maybe a freebie for your problems. Good Luck

p.s. I wish I could give you more info on cheap genetics, but I believe I am going to work for this company,and it would be a conflict of interest