Diesel's Strawberry Kush & Pineapple Chunk experiments


Welcome all and hang on for this wild ride I’m avout to embark on. This will be my first attempt at a scrog. It will have 2 of each and all 4 are up and looking lovely. They are in 5 gallon cloth pots in promix and under a 600w meizhi led and a viparspectra 450w led. I have the net already up and in the tent, because I didn’t want to have to fool with it once the grow gets hot and heavy. They usually recieve about 20 oz of water every couple of days or so. Once they get another set of leaves I’ll begin to water them good and heavy like.


Looking Great!


Thanks, don’t laugh at the cool whip container haha. I needed a makeshift rooting contraption, a little tubing, airstone, and all inside a germination tray/dome.


I Love it I use things over too I like to save when I can…lol


Yeah. I was looking to have something to keep the rooters moist and it hit me that i could throw some hydroton in it with some water and liquid karma and place em in there. Worked like a charm actually haha


Day 15; they are coming along the ome pineapple chuck is not at the same level as her sister though. All seems fine though the recieved a gallon between the 4.


Lmao @Dieselgrower at 1st glance I thought the cool whip container was a bowl of baked beans. After a double-take I realized what was going on.


Hey @muffybunny :joy:
I guess your harvest was some fire.lmbo :upside_down_face:


Looking like a nice setup, switching to watching happy growing


Alright, alright, alright, hope you enjoy the ride haha


Following!!! Good luck!!!


Glad to have ya brother


@Nug-bug it turned out ok. Fire buzz, crap yield. My current grow will do much better (and it’s taking twice as long).


Update; after thinkin on this over the past few days, I have decided to scrap the scrog and focus on training the 4 plants in different ways and ine will to my test subject as I try out these stem traininers. I will do a scrog, but I am waiting until I can get my hands in and automatic watering system. I am planning to do a mainline for sure, but can’t narrow down the other 2 techniques. So what suggestions would you like to see attempted. I have a love for training plants.


Day 19: the ladies all got a good drink and are looking good, all except the one pineapple chunk in the back. She hasn’t looked beautiful at any point in her life so far. She is way behind the other ladies in the tent, I took some soil and propped it up around her. I’m thinking of topping a couple now in preparation for the mainline and a 4 way lst. Still haven’t decided on the other 2 how to train them. This will be the last time they arw fed at 1/2 strength. The next watering will be full strength and will have some runoff. Sorry if the pictures are out of order. I will try and fix them if they aren’t correct. Have a great day y’all :v:

All the ladies in their home

Strawberry Kush

Pineapple Chunk

Pineapple Chunk, the odd ball as described above

Strawberry Kush


Day 21: I was going to hold off on training until I looked closer at these ladies. They are exploding on the sides and they are sturdier than I originally thought. So today the will recieve some training and cutting. I believe I’m going to be attempting a mainline on the strawberry kush in the back amd doing some tough lst and garden staples to the others. 3 week old ladies

All the ladies prior to the sesh

After the training sesh

Strawberry Kush clone attempt for s&g

Strawberry kush

Pineapple Chunk

Strawberry Kush future mainline. I made a slight mistake and will take a week or so longer, so I took a few leaves off and the lower growth and threw it in a cup and some promix a little water and a plastic bag, we’ll see


The ladies this mornin all looking lovely and healthy.
@Countryboyjvd1971 what do you think?

The ladies all looking great

Pineapple Chunk (LST)

Strawberry Kush (mainline) well she will be at least

Pineapple Chunk, this one I just don’t know about her

Strawberry Kush (LST)


You got that right, they look Great!


Dude looking great :+1:
Im usung Remo Nutrients this run
Here what my girls look like week two veg
Ill tag tou into my thread as well


@Countryboyjvd1971 week 2? That’s craziness!