Diesels Problem Child


We’ve all had that one plant that just doesn’t want to cooperate. Well here we have a Grape Muerto autoflower. She took a while to surface and once she did she did not want to let go of the shell. She took 3 days to shed it then another day and a half before I physically had ro remove a thin membrane off of the two round leaves, because vubthis time the first set of true serrated leaves were starting to push out of it. She then began to grow very slowly. Then around day 18 she just took off for a few days maybe a week and then began to flower. She is looking good now, but she’ll always be special and smallish.



@Dieselgrower she is not looking like a problemm…lol


@Dieselgrower don’t worry I have a problem child too brother. Lol


Oh believe me those first few days and the first week or so she was. Took 8 days or so to sprout haha


We all get em, they’re just special ladies that need a little more tlc than the others haha


@Dieselgrower haha…lol i believe you got her under control !!


Yeah, I believe I have her licked now. She’s flowering and has a decent size to her


Day 33; she got a clipping the other day and most of her bigger fans were stripped.


@Dieselgrower nice job just finished up reading threw your thread
Can i ask why you strip her fan leaves tho ?
Im just curious about that
Girls look good


I personally do it so more light csn get to those inner and lower nodes and sites. I know some don’t like to, but it’s what I tried to do and never stopped haha


Some pictures of how she’s doimg since the trim. She didn’t skip a beat and is just as lush as ever.
@Countryboyjvd1971 she didn’t really seem to mind haha

Day 34: the day after the trim

Day 37: she is looking great compared to how she started off.


Day 38: she got a good drink and is starting to come around and turn into a beautiful lady.


I took a few off and bent some back as well. She os looking 100% better than how I thought she would.


Day 41: she’s should be about done with the stretch and so that means she’ll take one more defoil to get the light down in there better. She got a small drink today and I’ll have some pictures when the procedure is complete.


Here she is I’ll get some better ones later when the phone charges up. Only a few leaves taken, mostly just pulled her down and out a little and lowered the light on her side.


Day 43: she is looking great, nice and healthy. She has turned in to a respectable lady. She started out pretty rough and I didn’t think she would look this nice.


Everything looks healthy brother
Woohoo :raised_hands:


Thanks brorher. She just took a lot longer than most to show out haha


Some nice training on them brother


I have a red devil i may need ro flower been in 7 gallon pot two week and is 18 inches tall lol