Diesel's grow room


This is an intrduction into my little personal operation. I am an Army vet that discovered this amazing plant could help with all of my issues or 90% of them better then the 20 some odd pharma meds the Army and VA push on you with 99% less side effects, weight gain is my only issue, haha. I exercise and play with my dogs so I keep it in check for the most part. I wish everyone who could benefit from this plant couod have safe and affordable access to it, but sadlt that isn’t the case or at least not yet. I grow for myself, my girl, she just eats eddibles for sleep troubles, and anyone else that I find or know that needs this medicine. I was only operating with a 4x4 tent and the whole 9 yards. It was fine, until I started helping more people haha so after a year I broke down and got serious. I added a 3x3, a 2x2 for drying, lights the works. I’m hoping that someday I can get a perpetual grow going, but for now I’m attempting my first scrog in the 4x4 and have autos in the 3x3, a thc bomb finishing in the 2x2, then it becomes the drying tent again. So that’s the whole op and the story behind this vet is a long one, but summed into this plant havs saved my life and I’m gonna do everything I can to help anyone else that needs it.


Looks like a pretty healthy setup. Just about all the tools if you decide to try the perpetual grow out. Nice job!


Thanks brother. It took a little while, but I finally have a respectable room. I’m planning big things this coming year and future grows haha.


For sure! It doesn’t take much to go from mild to wild haha.

I bought a 2x2x4 to dry in originally too. Then I converted that to a veg area and dried in a modified Rubbermaid container. I had to toss container last time I moved, so I’ll need to come up with something to replace it. I seen a thermoelectric wine cooler converted to a humidor on a cigar group, pretty sure I’m going to give it a whirl. Been kind of watching for a clean used one or a good sized one to go on sale.


No it doesn’t haha. That sounds interesting and ofnit worked out would be perfect. I’ve seen those fancy big auto cure/dry machines and think those would be awesome, but they are proud of those things.


elaborate further @Dieselgrower


Google auto cure it’s a nice machine


Ya, I’m not looking to be anymore into one than a couple hundred bucks tops. I already have a ton of pc fans and few small carbon filters.


Haha I think all together this setup has cost around 1600 to 2000 give ot take a little


Ya, not happening on the scale I grow lol.


they are very proud of their unit! lol


Haha to each their own

@BIGE ueah, but it’s nice and they say any size I believe. I would throw a link, bit I’m not sure its kosher with the site


Good job well done! Nice to hear your story, wish there were more. Good luck


Thanks @highcountrygal. There’s always more, but it’s dark and gloomy haha


I forgot to mention I found these a few weeks back and decided to give them a try. I know for me sometimes when training plants all of the wire, twist ties, staples or anything you use to lst them can and uaually gets in the way for watering. Well i may have found my solution.
The stem trainier, is attatched to the side branches giving you a lst, without all the stuff to get in the way.


Nice set up @Dieselgrower. I will be watching and thanks for your service.


Awesome gald to have ya and thank you for the kind words


So excited tomorrow is the first harvest of the new year and it’s goin out with bang haha
Thc bomb start counting down the hours girl.


Hey @Dieselgrower I finally found your grow. Seen ya around a bit. I was working some late nights so I haven’t had time off of work to really browse the forum like I enjoy. You have a great set up, and your THC Bomb looks marvelous. It’s interesting that it looks almost identical to the one I grew. All the way down to the few foxtails.
Thank you for your service. Both my grandfathers served, and I can’t thank you enough.
Now that I’ve found your journal, I’ve set it to watching. Now I won’t miss a thing! Happy growing.


Yeah I thought it was because of my light and temps at first, but I guess it’s kind of genetic from the one’s I’ve browsed over. Thanks for the kind words. This is just a space for me to ask questions about products and to bs really. I can tag you in the journals, bit most of them have my name in the title easier to find for myself haha