Diesel's first scrog


Yup, I’m not sure but you’ll definitely need something like that.


I think u Guys are thinking of parchment paper.


Sure, sounds right


Dude dude dude
Great haul brother
Woo freaking hoo lol
:+1: well done @Dieselgrower


I couldn’t think if it was wax or parchment paper @Justgrowin thanks. @Countryboyjvd1971 this has been my best and most yielding harvest. I have everything, but the dab rig and the clamp. I should be able to get a little return and see if I like it enough to get a press


Don’t use wax paper, Wax melts! Parchment paper


Got it thanks. We couldn’t remember. I think I still have some around


Well I tried with a straightener and parchment paper and got a decent little return then I needed a way to try it. Tried the hot knife and put a little on top of a bowl. I think I’ll wait to try again until I can get a propper rig to consume it. I do like the potential of it though :v::+1:

I didn’t know how blurry the one picture it, but it shows the color better then the other picture


Nice job :+1:t3: Color looks right


Dude If you try rosin youll buy a press lol
Ive gotten some of my best returns from cured flower
But my tastiiest has been from Fresh flower
Maybe a week or two from harvest
I love the rosin but keep all the choice buds in jars to enjoy later after the cure :wink:


Well I pressed a few and got a decent little return and it wasn’t bad. Definitely want to get a propper rig and I could see myself doing this more often with my sub par bud.


Well all dried, cured and jarred. Have the GDP trim in the freezer and the black widow is jarred up. In total I harvested 329 grams or 11 and 3/4 oz of good bud and


You didn’t waste any time making good use of those lights.


Yeah the light straight killed it.


Excellent stuff man enjoy your bounty my friend :v:️.


Thanks my friend


Great numbers bro! :v:


Very nice harvest :+1: It’s been fun watching and I’ll be lurking around on your next one :blush:


Thanks everyone for the kind words all. The black widow has my vote for better one for now. It’s more potent and in your face