Diesel's first scrog


Hello and welcome everyone. This will be my first true attempt at a scrog. I will be using 1 gallom cloth pots then transplanting to 5 gallon pots once they are ready. I’ll be using my 600w meizhi and 450w viparspectra led lights. They’ll be in the 3x3 tent. I’ll have a 5 gallon gravity fed self-watering system once they go into the 5 gallons.
They will be a black widow and grandaddy purple. I’ll be running advanced nutrients ph perfect trio with additional additives. I had planned to top one and let one grow un-topped, but I may just top both of them. I’m still a couple of weeks out from dropping the seeds.


Awesome! @Dieselgrower I’m watching now, super excited to follow along.


Hells yeah brother! Set to watching too


will be watching as well, would like to try a scrog my next grow so this will be a nice tutorial for me.


Love me some GDP! Watching!


I’ve never had it so it’s going to be a fun experience my friend gald to have every one along :+1::v:


I fill my scrog to about 60% full then I flip to a 12/12 light schedule. After I flip to 12/12 then I keep training “the stretch” for the next two weeks or so.

I have found when using Amazon LEDs, it works best to keep the canopy from getting more than about 6" thick because their penetrating abilities is not that great. If you let colas get long and the canopy get like more than 10" thick then many Amazon LEDs don’t “penetrate” to the lower buds.


I’m coming along for the ride @Dieselgrower I can’t wait to try it myself good luck mate :v:️.


Thanks for the tidbit my friend. :v:


Set to watching @Dieselgrower - I have grown to love taking my girls out to work on them - so I wonder if I would like scrogging. Interested to see if you like it. :+1:t3:


I’m sure I will. I’ve enjoyed the partial scrog so far


Dude take your time while in veg and fill that screen
I only do one plant under a screen myself
I have a monster cropped clone i trying yo het rooted to put outdoors this spring so i can fill my 4x8 screen again with one plant :wink:


Will keep that in mind. Since throwing the net over mine, I realized I should of introdiced it earlier and let it fill more before flipping


Well the promix, 1 and 5 gallon pots have also arrived. So in the next couple of weeks. I’ll soak the beans for 48 hours then place them in the 1 gallon pots until the others finish. If I can move the mainline in the 3x3 after I take the other strawberry kush down. Then I’ll use the 2x2 for veg until the 3x3 is empty. :v:


I’ll get in on this. I’m interested in that Black Widow.


The name is what attracted me to reading about the history of this strain and so it was set then and there that this would be worth a shot. :v:


I wanna give that pop culture mix pack a run. BB, SOG, and BW.


Sweet, I’m in too! Been waiting to see a journal on that black widow since they put it on the seed shop.


I’m stoked, out of these two I would like to enter one into the BOM. I can’t wait to see how these turn out


Hell ya, hopefully they’re both good enough to make it a difficult decision.