Diesel's female hunt

Hello and welcome aboard. I have a friend that sent me some reg pack of beans from a couple different breeders. A pack of sour scout, sapphire , and another cross of something and stink bomb #7. I haven’t been able to decided which one yet. Thinking of either the sour scout or the sapphire. I’m planning to start them off in my small box and once I find her my plan is to move her to my 5 gallon dwc bucket. Never messed with reg packs before, only reg seed I’ve ever ran were a few that I’ve found in bags over the years.


I’m in. I’ve got a collection of bag seeds I plan to run soon. Switched to “watching.”


Nice @Dieselgrower
Start the beans once big enough take a cutting and flower under 12-12 until it shows sex
Put cutting in cup of water
This will save you some time hunting :+1:
If its a male you cull it earlier
Happy growing brother


I was just planning to leave the light on 24 till they get a couple sets of leave then change to flower and keep the female if there is one. Don’t have the space now to take a cut and sex it

I have a few bag seed and some from previous grows that I found maybe a handful sometimes.

The main reason John suggested what he did is because the plant won’t really show sex until it’s old enough anyway. If you switch to 12/12 prior to that it will just proceed to that point slower than if left under 18/6.

It’s pretty weird deal. I’m sure there’s an explanation, just not sure what it is. But even if you went 12/12 from seed, you generally won’t see pistils for 40+ days.


They both sound tasty… from my experience with regular seeds i have seen them show preflower within 4 weeks or less on 14/10. Around the 4th or 5th node will be either 2 male flower or 2 female flower. I grow on 14/10 and once the plant reaches full maturity by starting to throw pistols, i lower to 12/12… 12/12 from seed is cool if u need them to stay small and grow fast. Clones would probably be the fastest way to reveal sex.


Thanks to all. I wasn’t disagreeing. I was just explaining the way my friend, who sent the beans, sexs his plants and now I don’t really have the space for it. I may no be able to now. We shall see :v:

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I agree with that, 4 weeks is pretty much minimum regardless. For whatever reason the two times I tried it took quite a bit longer.