Diesel's 4x4 idea


Well I’ve been thinking since Oklahoma passed a medical program and once I get my card I may utilize a 4x4 tent. Currently it is housing my 2x2 and being used as drying place. I was thinking that since I don’t run the ac durrimg the winter. That I could use the cold outside to help keep the room cool since I’m not running into temp troubles on hottest days now. I’ve been looking at these 2 for the tent in thw winter. That way I could pack that tent out once with a photo then shut it down before it gets warm. I could also run the 3x3 all year and it wouldn’t cost me much more for the winter.



You won’t regret buying either of them as the v2 is a little more efficient then the v1 but both are very good lights and you’ll be very happy you bought them. I have them and couldn’t be happier.


Don’t know but can tag the light guys @dbrn32 @Aolelon @MattyBear


The 600 kit should be cheaper than 550 light even if you pay growerslights for assembly. Seems like a no brainer there. The only thing I like to point out about it, is that it pushes boards to max current. So I would definitely get and use the dimmer. If you plan to run it at 100% id probably look at throwing s couple of clip ons blowing over top of heatsink.

Otherwise I think it’s a lot of light for the money.


Thanks everyone. I was planning to get the dimmer and wasn’t looking to ise at full power. I was looking at a couple smaller fans to have pointed at the heat sink.


Hey if you haven’t had one but the Walmart 6” clip on fans are worth the money. I bought a few of the more expansive ones and they have crapped out on me already. The Walmart fan is still going strong since I started a year and couple months ago.