Didnt think she would grow!

So my plant has not been doing well i believe she is dying. Ive done all tge stuff necessary so far. Light is led and its appropriate amount away from the light. I do not feed everyday. Hunidity is about 45$ and its about 76 degrees in there and has air circulation. But she has just kept getting worse after i changes her bucket cause it wasnt food grade safe. Anyone know what i should do to save her? I dont wanna loose her. It was some rendom texas soil i had at my house just messing around and she actually grew but now she just stopped and her leaves are not ok. Someone suggested cutting one of the really bad ones off. I did that and it made her worse. Someone please help.

First off, she looks pretty good. I would transplant her into something larger and made of fabric - but that’s personal preference.

Second off, we need information before we can say anything helpful. Please fill out this info to the best of your ability so we can help you.

I literally just switched ger container will that stress her even more? She doesnt look good. Also i honestly have no idea i found a seed a planted it insome okd soil i had and she became this i didnt do much to her until she got big and i had to move her. But now her leaves are dying. Ill post pics in a few hrs

I havent done much with her but use a led light and change the container. Should i move her into a favric container?? Change to different better soil? Also how would i do the and still clean the roots? With out the roots getting to much oxygen?

You want a soil that is buffered for cannabis such as a Fox Farm soil, Roots Organics, or Black Magic.

Leave the roots alone and transplant her with the root ball intact so that you don’t disturb them.

There isn’t really such a thing. Roots, unlike leaves, need oxygen to be healthy. They can get all they need though the soil in a fabric pot. This is why cannabis does best with wet/dry cycles.

Your plant looks pretty good. There is no need to worry about a few blemishes on the leaves.

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So she just quit growing and i fogured out i have like hardly no drainage. How can i fix that if she is in flowering stage? I dont wanna disturb her process. You think she is ok? Some leaves look bad.

Also should i switch to fabric if she lookesblike this rn?
Or do you think i need to drill some holes in the one? They are only on the bottom of the pot and about 1 to 2 inches down you start to see wet soil

I’d drill more holes in the pot and improve the drainage. That looks exactly like what she needs right now - she has some telltale signs of root issues.

Transplanting into fabric would be a good alternative if you have it handy and can do it without disturbing the rootball.

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She is in flowering stage rn and she has been stressed alot on accident. So is it safe to transplant during flowering? What about a flush would that help or no?
A couple leaves fell off but she still seems to ge doing okish?

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As graysin said…transplant if you can with good soil of the three kinds suggested into a fabric pot. Its not good to transplant in flower but it is the less of two evils. Good luck


That’s my thought.

I would not flush. That will just add water to an already over-watered situation.