Did you buy 1000W led on Ebay or Amazon?

Good essay to help us judge 1000W leds, can not wait to share with you: https://www.mars-hydro.com/info/did-you-buy-real-1000w-led-grow-light.html



I gota tell ya. You have perfect timing, because I am abot to buy L E D light and switch from H P S.
I found this very informative and very easy to understand. Now I really know what to look for while I look at some L E S
SO Thank for you post.


Yes. I own a cheap 1000w LED FROM EBay. I bought 2 2k LEDs as well. All work fine.

I just got my 1350 viperspectra today love it ,must be careful very powerful other wise 5Ɨ5 foot print veg 4.5 Ɨ4.5 flower foot print awesome :+1::deciduous_tree::sunglasses:

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I got a King 1000W from Amazon for $112 and it is an amazing value. I was skeptical but have been a long time Prime member and know from experience that there are no hassles getting a full refund w/shipping for 30 days so I wanted to check it out and no way Iā€™d want to return it.