Did y’all know and only I didn't?

Am I the only person that didn’t know - the first set of fan leaves have 3 points and second set of fan leaves start coming through with 5 points?


yes…LOL :rofl:


It reverses in the flowers, goes from 5, to 3, and back down to 1.


I have an auto going that came up with 2 sets of 1, then 2 sets of 3. 24" tall at 30 days, flowering for almost 2 weeks.

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I pressed a few leaves a couple of years ago. I had several that came out will 11, and I think I still might have one with 13 points! The smallest 2 outermost points where growing UP next to the main central point.
I moved last May, don’t know if wife made me get rid of them or not, I’ll have to dig to see if I still have them and take a pic. Was going to resin them into a tabletop. I did make a Canadian/Cannabis flag for my brother one year…2 red stripes either side of a white square with a huge leaf in the middle. Framed it and everything! Pretty easy compared to doing similar with your flag! Need 50 little leaves!

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