Did thos hermie on me?

Cherrywine hemp plant
Over 70 spots where pistls are growing.

Looks like calyx. I see no balls or nanners

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Wait… whats this…


@Myfriendis410 @DoobieNoobie @Mrcrabs @Covertgrower does that bud look funny?

@Giuseppe can you take a clear photo of that one area

When i get back home later I will.

I’m not so worried about the calyx. It looks heavy trichome covered but I’m curious about this part I circled.

Actually that part back behind on the leaf kind of looks like WPM. How’s the humidity and airflow?

There is a spot with pistls on the back side of that spot.

I don’t see anything that screams hermie. Did something happen that makes you think it would?

Theyre on a 12/12 light cycle with 1000watt led with both veg and flower lights…have a 600watt led in there also
The cherrywine is growing up and out.
Saw what looked like the little seed sac…
Hoping its not stressed for any reason.
Temps dont get below 60 at night pr over 75 during day.
Ac unit in shed to avoid thst as it doubles as a kennel.
8 gal pots, grow tent with small humidifier, scrubbing vent and fan for air circulation.
Humidity stays 60 to 80%.
Been growing this for 10 weeks and i have an indica plant in with it that is starting to stack up well.
Have about 30 spots with pistls growing on the indica and the cherry wine is full of them too.

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The calyx which is where the white pistils come out of are where seeds would form if it was pollinated. But they’re also the part that stacks up to create flowers. Usually (not always) if a female plant hermies you will see what looks like green bananas and the white hairs will immediately shrink back and turn brown once they get pollen on them.

PS that’s way high humidity for flower. You want to be below 50% and even down into the high 30s towards the end.


Took the words out of my…fingers? I agree.


I read whete humidity should be higher on here somewhere…i can get it down to 50

Yeah in veg we need the higher humidity to help speed up growth. During flower we want to start lowering it to both prevent bud rot and also to encourage trichome growth. Typical life cycle of the plants is flowering in late summer into fall when temps and humidity start getting lower.

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When i took this pic the humidity was at 50 and was worried i was doing something wrong.


Ty for the reassurance.
After all the $and time invested in these pkants i want to be sure my efforts are properly administered. Would hate to do something to jeopardize these wonderful herbs.
I have read the mjbible found here.


There are tons of guides to read on this site, too. They’re packed with good information.
It’s good to read through in your spare time, before you have a problem, so you’re not caught completely off guard.

Read that one too.
Its downloaded on my cell…i read and reread it often.


I agree with the stoned chicken…

Sorry, “baked chicken”

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