Did this plant Hermie on me?

Did this plant hermie? Should i cut it down now?

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Without knowing the extent of your grow, if it is a single strain or various strains, and the intent of your operation, I would say remove the plant that has, indeed, developed male pollen sacks. I have grown out hermaphrodite plants and there was no effect on potency, just bud size reduction as they went to seed. It did not fertilize adjacent females of a different strain, just itself.

Thank you for the reply. I have 4 plants in tent. 3 blue dream clones and this one, LSD, which was a seedling. Its not full hermie as, until last night when i noticed these, has been growing normal, buds look normal, and no sign of any deficiencies. Plant is almost 5 week into flower. All tops look good these were found down low just above scrog net. This is my first grow an i have no interest in practicing/messing with hermies. My plan is to just chop it down then. Don’t wanna risk my first crop. And def dont wanna deal with seeds in the buds.

Definitely has balls under that skirt of hers. :pensive:

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Its hermed. 4 weeks is a long time to cut sacks and nanners without missing one. Id at least move it outside or something, wouldnt chance the other girls pollenating.


Its coming down.

Took the plant out. Because of scrog i had to take it down branch by branch. Sprayed each branch down before carefully removing it. A majority of the sacs were still closed but there we definitely a few that were opened. Trying to stay optimistic :sleepy:. What would my next step be? How can i tell if or how bad the other plants were affected?

Seeds. Youll see a shitload of seeds. And flowers will be smaller than expected

How long before they would start showing?