Did this over night

First time using Coco, but I amedned and watered, 2 days ago and when I checked it last night, the leaves where praying upwards and the plant looked good, and today this… , and here is some basic info.

Dr earth, 3/4 veg and 1/4 all-purpose
Under a 315cmh
Watered with 1/4 gallon of water with floralicois plus added 1ml per gallon ratio,

Reammneded 3 weeks after germination with the leave start turning a more light green color
With same ratio as a above, with a little work casting added in, any ideas or info you might need?

P.s I know the droopy leave are from over watering, I’m concerned with the brown spots or chlorsis " how ever you say it" and it’s turning a light green color… Calmag issues?

I use tap water that’s set out all night with a starting ppm of 90, and I’ve been ph at 6.6 to 6.5, , maybe a pH issues? Time for a new ph pen?

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@Watt-Sun just had this on a site posted

Yeah, it seems to be a calmag issue if I’m looking at it right, so I’ll foilar spray some mag, and add some lime or some sort of calsium asap

Are you using spray at lights out? If not, could be lensing from the droplets on the leaf

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It’s very possible, I leave the lights on 24 hours for the first month before switching to 18-6 light schedule the remainder of the time

If using spray id give them lights out so it doesnt burn them or if possible, turn your power down to minimum

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Yeah , to high for coco . You want to be at 5.8

I agree the ph is to high but that’s not what caused the damage though (unless the runoff ph is higher then 7)


I thought for Dr earth in Coco you needed to be at 6.2 to 6.8 pH, and I’m changing the light schedule to 18 and 6 tonight and foiler spraying to Epsom salt, top feeding some lime when the media drys out a lil bit more for calcium,

What do you all think


I’ll have to do something fast it’s getting progressively worse

Any idea on pH, every where I look it’s saying a pH in the 6s , thanks ahead of time guys, or ditch the Dr earth and feed my advance nutrients 3 part, and additivies