Did they send me a PHOTO instead of an Auto?

I’m finding that a deficiency with an auto is the end of a good grow and harvest. It’s probably not worth trying to fix the problem. I caught my calcium deficiency right away, treated and been chasing it ever since. Mean while the plant isn’t growing properly. I hate to do it but I’m chopping mine tomorrow. I can use the space for my photo plants.

I know. Great for the timing in which they get done. However, because of that they just don’t have enough time to recover. Mine is in advanced stages too. I may do the same. :pensive: oh well, better 1 plant than all…

:pray::call_me_hand: u r da best dude!!!

@shindig153 and @KayC are either of you interested in a little competition to see who has the strongest grow skills? Jan 1 grow off here on ILGM. if interested let me know and ill add u to the list

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@basementstealth I’m following the competition you’ve put together. I even made a new batch of supersoil to compete. It’s cooking as we speak. Unfortunately I have a tent full of ladies growing strong. I wasn’t going to flip the lights until the middle of December.
Alright you twisted my arm just enough. I’ll flip my lights on Tuesday. I would have to start the grow in my closet until my other plants are finished. Go ahead and sign me up. Sounds like fun. Thanks for the invite.


I couldn’t chop her down. I’ve been caring for her for 9 weeks. :pensive:… and look at her color starting to come around. I’m going to see what happens to her after all the adjustments…if I end up with popcorn buds; I’ll infuse in coconut oil…yum! @basementstealth…I am going to read up on the competition and get back to you by tomorrow! It sounds like loads of fun and not just for the competition but to meet different Canna lovers!!

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Did u ever chop your girl??? Here is an update of mine. I couldn’t do it. Especially since after the flush and extra TLC, she just started bouncing back. Here she is now. I will send a picture out of the light but she is spreading…

Yes I did chop her down. She got a flush. I figured that would help out. It actually didn’t help out much and she looked a little worse for wear. I have a nice supply of bud from my outdoor harvest so I decided rather than struggling with it I’d chop her down. I come to figure out that they didn’t care much for the ff bloom trio and as soon as I started it problems started to arise. Now I know to take it easy with feeding autos.

i had the same issue with my grow and the trio

I have done good with the trio but I started slow and didn’t go 100% of recommend. I keep it at or below 1000 ppm so it doesn’t push them to hard.

@shindig153, as far as my lady…well, she is stretching and in pre-flower. She is supposed to be a Haze XL Auto and if the budsites on her ever develop, I’ll be happy. The “Zinc” issue seems to be gone. Since the flush, she has grown about 2 1/8" in every direction. In addition to PHd water, I added a little 3% peroxide for watering in between feedings. She is thirsty. The pot goes from heavy to light in 24 hours.

@basementstealth - if you dont mind me asking, what nutes and at what strength do you feed your autos?
@Painfree I do 1/8th the recommended dosage and don’t go higher than 1/2 strength. Is that too little? (Obviously, every plant is different. Some require a little more a little less…but am I in the right ball park? Do u have any Auto nute recommendations?)

@all- I am doing a little experiment with supersoil…

@KayC i used aerogarden nutes, and superthrive until flower then got my hands on fox farms trio and started at full strength, but started having issues right away and still having issues nearing the end of flower. i didnt have a ppm meter, when i got one and checked my run off it was greater than 4000 ppm, meaning oops. next time ill be sure to check ph and ppm going in and coming out

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Good God 4000!!! That’s wild. The most I’ve seen was 2400. I followed garrigans advice and keep the ppm at 1000 or less. I haven’t had nute problems since.

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thats my plan. start low, feed once weekly, check ph ppm in and out


oh ya i had nute problems lol

It’s easy to do when you try the mad scientist thing like I did. I was shooting from the hip and didn’t know what I was doing. That’s why I’m in the lab. I’ll let them teach me how to be a mad scientist that actually knows what he’s doing.

i didn’t have a ppm meter… i wont go withoit it again

I ended up ordering the ppm meter after my 1st grow. It’s very helpful!!!

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oh ya, im just happy my girl survived.

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Hey everyone! How is everyone doing? Just wanted to give you guys an update. Since the last post she continued to grow vertically for another 5". She has the main cola in the center at a whopping…17" tall :yum:. Now, she has 5 tips that are like individual little Christmas trees. Its hard to get a picture right now of what I’m talking about…but I will (eventually). Her buds are looking small and compact, but with a little density to them (not all over the plant). The pistils are white and she is producing lots or trichs. This Haze XL just started week 12 from sprout…it seems there is still a long way to go…

The top of the main cola 2 days apart…she seems to be putting on a wittle bitty bit of weight. The Haze XL is known for her long flowering period…I wonder how long she will flower for…especially since we are at week 12 already…:grimacing: