Did these turn herm on me?

Have some female plants that I think may have gone Herm on me.

Is there anyway you can tell from these photos? If so, I need to pull them from my garden.


No, I see hair comming from thoughs pod’'s.
I had the same thing it a female plant… If you have a magnifying glass keep a close eye on that one.
But your just fine

This is a male plant. You can clearly see the difference.

B Safe

I have a bagseed i’ve been working with,it was coming along nicely,around 9 and a half weeks into flowering I seen two buds had started to make seeds, I harvested it ? Will it still be fairly potent? Or did the starting to hermi ruin it?

this is only the top cola.pic

All things being equal, it should still be pretty potent. I assume the bag of the stuff you found the seeds in was fairly potent, right? So it will probably be about the same as potent as the bag it came from.

peace and happy growing,