Did these just go hermie?

I screwed up one night and left my tent open and I got some light an extra couple hours and I just noticed these today, should I harvest now first time it’s ever happened to me they are feminized plants but I don’t think that really matters correct?

What do you see that leaves to to believe it is a hermie? I don’t see it.

Watch the F bombs, please. We don’t do that here.


i apologize

I see hairs coming out of those calyxes, indicating female. Male pods will not have hairs and also appear on a short stem.


the other photo was the incorrect photo…

thank you
still kinda new to this and these have been doing so well. thank you!

I believe you are seeing swollen calyxes, and all female.


@Sugarnuts420 This hermi was the result of placing seedling into flower tent (12/12) from veg tent (24/0). 5 males so far. Not sure if I will have seeds. Garden to young for shut down.

. Male sac opens for pollen release.

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If they have little hairs growing out, they are girlie parts.

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These sacs point downwards, open, and drop pollen.

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