Did some LST did I do it right?


This my Maui bent it over and tried to FIM I don’t

think it turned out to bad


Looks great to me @Gonnatry2


Yup looking good there man. Nice evenly spread canopy. Plenty of upper bud sites. How far into flower? And if any of those large fan leaves are blocking lower ones it wouldnt hurt to trim a few


@PurpNGold74 @Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks guys she is about 5 weeks in sooo another 4 or 5 weeks been trying to tuck leaves out of the way did trim off some lower branches that didn’t want to come up don’t think that hurt it. Thanks again


Some pruning never hurts
Keep up the good work and keep a eye on her when she gets close
Watch those tricombes hahaha woohoo


Looks good from here! going to be a nice one


Looks awsome