Did she just go hermie on me?


Every grow is new. Pineapple haze, day 42 of flower, noticed these banana looking things popping up everywhere. They look like pollen sacks to me. Am I crazy, or has my little girl gone hermie? I’ve read these bananas don’t spread pollen, but also that they do. I want to pull the plant if there a likelihood of it pollinating my other plants. @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971

Buds were fattening up nicely.


Looks like she did to me just had it happen to mine but b4 u do anything else let’s wait for more people to confirm it


You sure that’s not Banana Kush , that’s cool


Oh, I think I know the answer. Specious Staminate Flowers

Some folks recommend just tweezing them off as they appear. I suppose I could keep her in the tent if that actually works.


I wonder if I can squeeze an almost 6’ plant into a 5’ tent…