Did she hermie? 🤭

Still new to growing. Began a year or two ago with my girlfriend. We’ve tried our hand with a few different strains. So far, my favorite is Trainwreck.

This Trainwreck is in its 7th week of flowering. She was removed from the flowering room today and put in quarantine. After scouring over countless google images until our eyeballs fell out, still dunno… Did things get twisted with this one? Are we looking at swollen caylxes or did she hermie?

Anyone with experience who can point me in the right direction?

I removed a caylx and cut it open. Found nothing. Note that the pistils are browning.

Harvest early?

Thanks all. Looking forward to more education.

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I wouldn’t harvest early, especially if the calyx you cut open was empty. It just looks like you have large calyx on that plant


I agree. Looks like a swelling calyx


Welcome! All clear, all lady.


@Cwhit welcome to the forum!!

All good from here

Thank you all.

We ended up harvesting our grow early. Those “female” parts were multiplying by what seemed like the minute. We went through this before. Ain’t nothing like being witness to metamorphosis. In front of my eyes :eyes: not knowing at the time what I’m looking at. I thought mites were flooding out from the buds so as to feed and deplete the nectar. I didn’t know. I know now!! All those little black dots were seeds penetrating through everywhere! It was a nighttime! A gazzillion seeds!

Anyway. Trimming now. Wondering what is it that you guys see that leads you to conclude these things are female parts versus hermie? So confused.

Those are calyx and pistils i dont see any pollen sacks

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Seeds come from a female that has been pollinated by a herm or a male unless you completly missed a male with alot of pollen sacs at a young age and it got your girls knocked up males dont grow seeds thry pollinate female …female then produces seeds throught flower bud potency flavor and taste tend to lack on seeded females because focus shifts from bud to seed production … You got a bunch of seeds in your buds? Can i see what your calling seeds

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Unfortunately we did not take pics of the last grow but we had about 60 plants seed like no tomorrow! It was disgusting! We have always purchased feminized seeds from ILGM.

60 plants sonethijg hermed and got you early seems like only option unless u got someone growing outside around u with males

Pollen sacs do not put out these little hairs (pistils).

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Did these hermie?

Or these might be better pics

I think that’s the same pic of no male parts in sight?