Did she go male?

This WWA is looking to be going male or pleade tell me im wrong.

could you post close up pics of bud sites?

Can’t tell without a closer look.

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I’m seeing female


@tanlover442 @Bobbydigital here is a couple of close ups.

Looks all female

Looks female from here, but closer pics would help.

nice panoramic view…not any closer than the first batch.

sorry, can’t tell

Hope these are better.

Its definitely female.


Not the best pics, but from what I can see it’s female.

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No nuts on there I can see it’s a girl

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Yes, much better. AND…congrats. You are the father of a healthy baby girl.

At this stage, dosing with Ca Ching or other phosphorous heavy bloom enhancer would give much bigger buds.

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