Did one of my girls turn Hermie?

My poor girls :frowning: one thing after another. I just noticed these pods on one of my plants. Did this girl turn Hermie? They’re not in flower! Thank you in advance for any feedback.20201030_131036|375x500

Yep that’s a dude part.

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I concur with @Covertgrower and furthermore I don’t think I can confirm it has female flowers. Point being, it might be a natural male plant.

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not sure if this is a better View? I thought if they were males you’d be able to tell within the first month and a half? I thought what I’ve been looking at for the last 3 + months have been pistils. LOL

Just new leaf growth.

there are little pods growing next to what I thought were pistils. But I guess not.

pistils look like white hairs fyi

:+1: I always thought that a plant would show signs of male or female by the latest of a month-and-a-half. So I figured after 3 plus months with no pods figured it was a female.

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That is weird that it took that long to show its sex.

Determining plant sex can be really tricky. Stigmas can be really tiny, and once a male flower proves male, it’s open and releasing pollen.

Feminization processes can’t guarantee success; 1/1000 or something like that will be a true male. Where are the seeds from and what were they supposed to be?

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one with the pods is in front. Put a lot of time into that bush :frowning: I figured it turned because one night it dropped down to 59 degrees. I think I have the temperature is dialed in okay now. 60-65 at night and 75 to 81 during the day. unfortunately not sure where the seed came from. I found it in a bag of tossed salad. Decided to stick it in some dirt while outside in the garden one day in June. It sprouted and I said what the heck. Then I found two more seeds not quite sure where they’re from or what they are. Stuck those in the dirt. I knew it was a shot in the dark not knowing where they came from and what they were. But what the hell they sure do look pretty. Like I said up until now I thought all three were females. Until two days ago when I noticed pods. Glad I didn’t put them in a flower yet. I had a really bad gnat problem and had to wait for nematodes. That took almost a month to take care of:-( then I didn’t want to put them into flower till I knew I had backups. So I took clones and tried cloning in water. That didn’t work. So then I bought some plugs and took 4 clones from each plant. They’re doing great. Clones are a month-and-a-half old . that means that 4 of the Clones are now males :frowning: they are a month-and-a-half old and not showing any signs of PODS either. during the last month I did find some seeds out of a bag of ice cream sandwich. Out of 10 six sprouted and are doing great. They’re about month old now. On the other two pictures of the other two plants. Can you tell if they are female or not? Today I moved the plant with the pods to the living room away from my tent. Really don’t want to pull it and throw it. Thank you again very much for your time and help.

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My humidity is up 15 to 20. Does anybody know of a small reliable dehumidifier?

Unless the flowers were really amazing, or you live in a really restrictive country, there’s no reason to grow out bag seeds. Decades ago, sure. You couldn’t reliably order seeds. Today you can legally (at a federal level) buy seeds in any US state.

Clones are identical to the donor, so clones from that male are also male.

Again, initial calyxes are really difficult to sex (verb). Even with great magnification it can be a challenge. The male calyx will eventually start to swell and the segmentation will become more obvious. A jeweler’s loop (they sell them for cannabis) with an LED and 2 levels of magnification is like $10, and well worth the money.

Next time around, I recommend letting your plants grow to 8 nodes, and then prune off the top between the 3rd and 4th node. Root that cutting on a 12/12 light cycle in a separate space. Because you carefully labeled each plant and clone, you will know really soon what’s what. You’ll even have a small harvest, or some seeds to continue the line with for your extra effort.


Thank you so much for all your feedback. My intentions weren’t even to grow. I just planted the seed basically to see if it would sprout. Then after it sprouted I figured well being a single dad and only working 60 hours every two weeks it wouldn’t hurt to have a little free smoke. That started it all. I don’t have the money to be spending 30 to $50 on a seed. Single dad on a very tight budget who’s trying to do the best with what I have around the house. Which isn’t much :frowning: you mentioned waiting for a clone to have at least eight nodes before topping. I waited for the 5th or 6th node and then cut right about the 4th. What is the benefit of waiting till after node 8?

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Really good seeds shouldn’t be too much more than $10/seed. If you buy a larger pack, they get cheaper( ~$5/seed). Is your electricity free? You’re probably spending dollars per week on lighting alone. Doesn’t it make sense to grow genetics that will perform?

As far as my comment about the 8th node, it’s a matter of experience and preference, but the plants recover faster if the lower nodes are already pushing out axial limbs. And then you have a viable cutting to root.

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You’re correct on electricity. And also my time and stress. LOL. While I’m trying to figure out the mess I’m in now I will look into seeds for my next round. Providing I can find a female out of this bunch to have a first-round. I have taken the male plant out and the male clones out of the veg tent. The big males in my living room just cuz I don’t have the heart to pull it. And I guess I’ll pull all my little male clones and toss them. Thank you again for all of your feedback. Now if I can just get my humidity dialed in I’ll turn my first tent over to 12:12. Any suggestions on a small cheap humidifier? And also curious about my lighting in my 2 by 3 foot tent. I have 2 300 W leds. Will that work?

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The humidifier bit is tricky because you want a large tank and accurate humidity control. I’d get an InkBird humidity controller and a large capacity humidifier that’s just on/off.

I’d need to know what model of light you have specifically.

unfortunately I didn’t do a whole lot of research. This one sounded good and it was in my budget at the time. The plants did well underneath it for a couple weeks and I decided I needed one more light. So I figured I’d go with the same one. And then decided to make a veg tent and my veg tent is a hodgepodge of different little grow lights. But the babies seem to be loving the hodgepodge of blurple

The long and the short of it is those lights will cover 2’x2’ if you combine 2 of them.

Lighting analysis is literally a science, but you can roughly estimate based on a few things. With LEDs, the BEST lights require 25w or electricity from the wall per square foot they cover in flower. It’s extremely unlikely that those import lights use the best chips. At 65w draw per light, they might cover 2 square feet each; less if they use fans to cool the fixture.

There are no fans. I was trying to avoid the ones with fans because they get really hot. Or at least that’s a lot of what the reviews say. I wanted a 1000watt LED. But all of the decent ones I seen are 150 +. I guess after all said and done I probably could have got one. Thank you again for your time and feedback

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