Did my seeds not germinate?

So I dropped 3 seeds in a water cup, trying to follow the sites way for germination . I was gone for 48-72 hours. And when I came back, the seeds didn’t have a tail, yet you could see some white fuzz looking almost on all seeds. I went ahead and put them in some potting soul, and this is the next day , but there’s no improvement. I didn’t get to take a snap shot I’m sorry but does anyone have any input on this ? Please and thank you for your time .

I think being in soil already you may just have to wait and see what happens.

The 72 hour soak was too long. No more than 18 hours soak in distilled water with a couple drops of peroxide. About 1ml per 4oz. Then put them on a wet paper towel, and fold it once. You can put the paper towel in a zip lock bag in the dark for a day or two, or I just leave them on a plate in a wet paper towel, but make sure it’s dark and somewhere around room temp. When they develop a tail about ¼ inch, drop them in the dirt.

When they develop that filmy residue during the soak, you can put them in distilled water with a little peroxide to clean them, but having planted with the stuff on them, I’m not sure what will happen. Good luck!

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Also, after being planted they can take a little time to begin root development. Make sure not to plant them much more than a half inch deep.

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Thanks for the info. I guess we will just have to wait and see .

But yeah usually I have always just put the seeds in a wet paper towel. Waited a day or so and then tlput them into soil. Always have worked.

Again thanks !

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I haven’t used a plastic bag, but lots of people with successful germination do. Of the few seeds I’ve dropped, the 2 I let soak for 3 days are the ones that ended up rotten after almost a week in the dirt. All the rest I’ve only soaked for no more than 18 hours, tail or no tail. They have all made tails in the paper towel within a day. I should say I’m a beginner at this, but the guidelines I have followed are from the experts here and they are great!! Lots of good info from this forum.