Did my plant just Hermie?!?!

Can anyone tell me please? If so what next? 22 days past flip using fox farms and Mars hydro tsw2000 in soil

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Those look like sacs to my untrained eye

Yes, unfortunately. That bottom pic is of a hermie. How many plants do you have in that room?

My advice would be to cover that plant entirely with a trashbag, unless its the only one, and then chop it at the base, tie the bag, throw it away. Drop another seed.

Ooooooooooooooooor if you want to pick them off, depending how many you see, and see if they grow back. If its your only plant, you could try that route.


What strain is this by the way?

This is cookie goo there are only a two spots like this I have one other plant in there with it

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Hmmmmm… its really your call. If you only see two spots, pop em off. Throw them away, wash your hands. Dont touch any other part of your plant until you have washed your hands.

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Looks like she did image


I had two on my current grow one skunk#1 and one Blue dream. I took both outside and since I see no male flowers in the buds only on the main stalk at a couple branches, I decided to pluck them off and move plants outside in a shed with a front wall facing east I covered in clear plastic.

The sun rises and the plants get 5 hrs of sun before the sun goes over the top of the shed, so far so good as even with the lengthing days they are still budding without anymore hermaphodite male sacks popping up in the buds.

In short I got em out of my grow room as fast as my eyes saw them, but I decided to try and finish them outside. This seems to be an issue in many regular non feminized seeds coming out of Dutch greenhouses and Spain.

Most likely if both hermied they will continue thruought the grow. I had 3 bag beans i grew all 3 hermied. Must have been a batch that hermied and the seeds were all hermie seeds. Wont grow them anymore and they were some beautiful bushes i jave about 300 seeds of lol. I did not get a whole lot of seeds in the weed but they were there to be seen lol