Did my girl Hermaphrodite?


So one of my girls has a few buds whit these on them did she hermaphrodite?


Can you take a pic with a flash and no purple please. It sorta looks like a sac but too hard to tell with the lighting.


@Flippy what those are pistils. Those are female. (Congratulations!) I see no evidence of hermaphroditism.
If you’re still uncertain you can take a close up under the pistils/flower and see if they have balls under the pistils. Normal lighting if you can please.


Look just above his thumb @Covertgrower. He already knew it was a female but do you see the 2 round objects. Right next to the stem on the right.


@Vexer saw them, but can’t be definitive with out natural lighting, and close ups. Th leaves are covering some of it.


Definitely can’t tell for sure until he gets a natural pic up.



Sorry bro you got a Hermie. Is it next to other females?


Damn that sucks. So next question I have a a girl in the same tent that’s about 2 weeks out on being harvested. Will this afect her or should i be ok?


The rule is to get it out ASAP. But if it is only on that one branch, you could cut that limb off and pray it doesn’t show up on the other bud sites. You need to be very careful and get that pollen sac out now. Cut it off and take a close up pic just to be 1000% sure. @Covertgrower what do you think.


Ok it is three branches so I’m gonna cut them off and pray. Guess this is another meandering curve. Thanks for the help guys!


3 branches! Rip it out now @Flippy and be careful that no pollen gets loose


@Vexer yes, that is hermaphroditism…
@Flippy you have several options/choices at this point.
You can continue growing this until she flowers out.
You can pick off the “nanners “ throughout the grow until she finishes.
As long as you accept you might miss a few nanners, and you end up with a few seeds there’s nothing wrong with this. The seeds will carry this trait, and I would not try and grow them.
The last option, you can kill it.
I don’t know how many othe plants you have in this space, and if you have other plants (in flower) , I would just kill it. I would not want seeds.


On closer inspection I found more. It’s gone hope my other plant didn’t get ruined. I guess we’ll see in a couple weeks I guess. I wonder what happened to make it hermi? I’m carefull and they don’t get any light during dark conditions and no other stress that I can think of.


@flippy if stress is not a factor, then it’s genetics.


That sucks but good to know. I was gifted these plants I’ve got 2 more clones from the same mother plant in veg now, and the one I’m about to harvest is from the same mother…


Thanks @Vexer and @Covertgrower always a big help!