Did My Girl Herm On Me?

Looks like it to me

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Those would be canniballs. It’s a boy. Sorry


Only on one branch…wtf…this plant is over 7 ft tall

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Cut it off and roll with it
That’s what I’d do if it was just one branch
Prob gonna need to keep your eyes open for more


Indeed she did.

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Goodbye Branch! Lol
This plant is massive!


@ABoss I feel ya, was checking the ladies this evening and one hermied on me overnight. FML!
Anyways, I’m gonna take her elsewhere and let her flower out and produce pollen and seed him/herself. WTFN (that’s why the frig not) right?
You do you of course, just sayin’ that’s what I’m going to do as an experiment. It’s all about the journey of learning for me.


I wish I could just take it out…but unfortunately I put it in the ground. So I have some decisions to make. I have 2 more left…
But this one was the biggest…I may have sexed wrong…but males don’t have white hairs AND pollen sacs…

This one clearly had both.