Did I stunt my auto?

Did I stunt my white widow auto by leaving it in the solo cup too long ?


That is pretty well rootbound but should be ok in a bigger pot.

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It will be okay, definitely would advise against leaving it that long in the future or investing in some biodegradable nursery pots.


With autos you don’t want to do anything to slow them down. Next time you could start them in clear solo cups, then put the clear cups in colored cups to keep light off the roots. That way you just pull the clear cup up and see how the roots are doing. Another tip is that if the leaves reach the outside edge of the cup your real close to transplant time


Can’t answer with a definitive yes or no because I’ve seen autos get stunted from less, and I’ve also had a few strong ones who took whatever I did to them on the chin and showed no ill effects.
My autos are usually ready to transplant out of the solo cups on day 15 or 16 above ground. Another tool to help judge if they’re ready is when they start drinking much faster. If they’re getting thirsty again less than 24 hours after a watering, chances are there’s good enough root development to transplant.
Here’s a pic of my last run on transplant day. One more thing, I’d try to handle them as gently as possible. The last thing you want to do with an auto is disrupt the root mass. If you peel the solo cup down in strips like a banana, you can transplant with minimal stress. Definitely don’t squeeze the cups or turn them upside down or anything like that.


Yeah , transplant into final home she will take off like you hit her with a shot of steroids.


Getting ready to up-pot my first auto-run, so thanks for the tips peps!!
I’m at day 13 above ground and my 2 Northern Lights are just about to hit the bottom of the clear cup. My GG, who was dropped onto her head as a wee baby, is a little behind. But she’s healthy and stout.

Thanks Again!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!


She will be fine throw it in to a five gallon pot and watch it grow

I use peat pots. You don’t even have to remove the seedling from them. They are biodegradable and the plant roots just grow right through them. It’s flawless. They don’t get root bound and they won’t get root rot from too much water.