Did I start too soon for outdoor growing?

I started some purple kush feminized seeds from msnl and started them in water in late March. Well, on April 3rd only one germinated and she is doing really nice in a 4" pot. My question is did I start too soon for outdoor growing for zone 5 Indiana? It says it starts to flower in 8-10 weeks and at that time the days will still be getting longer.

If it’s a photo and not an autoflower it shouldn’t flip into flower until you hit 12/12.

They are photo’s. So to do outdoor growing I should count back from Sept. 23rd which is the 12/12. Is that right? Sounds like I need to grow indoors on this one or plan on babying her for a while.

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Got watch light cause it was under 20/4 or 24. Hrs in veg it will start to bloom and can revert back to veg as light increases and get stress to point of herms. I general wait keep them inside till may im in sone 6 /7.

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They are in my garage now that its cooler. I do set them out in the evenings for about 3 hours while getting home from work

Your timing is good for making big plants.

You’ll want to end up in a pot of at least ten gallons (40L), the bigger the pot the bigger the potential. A smaller pot might be prone to blowing over when growing big.

Photoperiod plants will be done in mid to late October, there is nothing you can do to change that. I’m always fighting off frost and freezing temperatures.

If you want to hedge your bets you can plant a couple autoflowers. If you start them now they should be done mid to late July.

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Good question and one you should have looked into before drowning expensive seed.

The Spring Equinox in 2021 in the Northern Hemisphere was Saturday March 20. This is the day when daylight hrs go from less than 12 hrs light a day to more than 12 hrs a day and increases every day after that. That’s the day farmers note and plant shortly thereafter.

Never plant before the spring equinox especially Indica dom strains. With that said you said late March so you should be ok. If your growing outdoors your sprouts need to be on the same schedule as the sun.

I do this by leaving my sprouts outdoors, then when I wake up I put them under a LED light, as many many days in early spring are cloudy and rainy. Then when it’s close to dark I shut the light off and stick them back outside. I plant when I see about 5 sets of leaves.

Most sativa’s I’ve never had much of an issue, but Indicas, especially Northern Lights often go into flower once placed outside before April 15th in Dixie if started indoors.


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Do what?

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It’ll have to be 21 days mature and less than 12 hours of daily light to go into bloom/flower

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