Did I screw up?


Hi, newbie to growing here. I have 2 femm. Northern lights.
They’re growing fine, about 4 ft tall in 5 gallon containers. My problem is, they are 12 weeks old and from what I’ve been reading, I should have changed the light cycle around 9 weeks to start the flowering process. I just switched over to flowering nutrients a few days ago. Is it too late, did I screw up?


I don’t think there is really a time limit to vegging.

The only thing you might need to worry about now is their height. When flowering they can double even triple in height. So make sure you have the head room to accommodate them if this is an indoor grow.

Good luck!


Thanks. The growth has slowed. I have the standard ceiling heights, so it might get a little tight. I’ll figure something out,.


You also change the light schedule to 12/12?
You can keep a plant in veg stage a lot(1-12 months :joy:) so you don’t screw it up.


I changed the light cycle to 12/12 yesterday. And I’m using a diluted organic flowering rose food.:wink:


I don’t know anything about what but if the NPK ratio is for flowering then should be fine(the N should be smaller than the PK :wink:)


Very well, you on your way :grin::grin::grin:


Thanks everyone! my green thumb is limited. I’ll probably be asking more questions later on. :slightly_frowning_face:


Just ask here and tag me in by putting @ before my nickname.


If you have the space it’s totally fine. I vegged my two photo plants (GL and Super Silver Haze) for 60 days. If I had the space I would have let them go longer.

You can still train this plant! If you think you will have height restrictions you have a few weeks to do some low stress training and super cropping. Can we get a pic of your babies?


@Dmarie many of us like a bit larger plant. I do 60 days too which gets them to sexually mature and I usually exceed 1/2 pound per plant.


No you didn’t scree up per say
Just after switching to flower schedule your plants will grow a few more feet or even close to double in size
Most indoor growers will veg 4-6 weeks and then flower fyi


If you were to give them a few days on a 16/8 light schedule then bring them down over a week or so to 12/12 you can reduce the amount of stretch during transition. A little trick thanks to @Donaldj.


Like @Countryboyjvd1971 said, four to six weeks is about the time I give my plants to veg. I usually go a week or two longer of veg than my fox farm feeding schedule shows/directs.
For the first time I’m trying ph’d water and cal-mag only for one week before I switch to the flower 12 12 cycle to replace the recommended flush the feeding chart recommends/shows following week 4 before starting week 5 (flower 12 12). Good luck!



@Dmarie ;

First off Welcome to ILGM

I know you have been here for a few months now but this isour first meeting,
No you didn’t screw up your fine plants are looking very good and you are in the best of hands.



Thank you, being a first time grower I was really concerned that I messed up!


Your a lants look great :+1:
Youll be ok
You could gently tie your branches down to spread plants out more i would do this before they harden up to much and be gentle do put to much pressure on them

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    Getting close to harvest for my femme. Northern Lights. Just starting with amber color on some tricomes. Waiting is hard.