Did I over water?

So is there anything I should be doing to this plant besides feeding and removing the yellow leaves?
Or just wait it out?

The only other thing you can do besides let it dry out IMO is ensure you have good drainage. It could be the cause of the over water condition is your pot isn’t draining.

If it doesn’t have plenty of drain holes drill some.

If your pot has plenty of drain holes, take a skewer or chop stick and poke thru the drain holes into the soil about halfway up into the pot to create aeration ‘tunnels’ into the grow medium.

The idea is to dry it out as soon as possible so you can feed it.

You could do a foliar feeding as well.


Best thing you can do for that plant is help the soil dry up so that you can feed it soon. Like having a fan blow on plant and soil, putting a bunch of small holes on the lower sides and even the bottom of the pot to help get air in there (could use a soldering iron to melt holes or a drill and like a 3/8" bit). Turn that pot into an “air-pot”.


Sorry if I steered you wrong but that’s why I said wait for other opinions

I was actually hoping it was under watered. That’s an easy fix. Not sure if she is going to make it but I’ll keep you guys updated. Thank you everyone for the help.

I used an 1/8" bit on mine and just made more holes. my first “homemade” pot i used the 3/8 and LAWWWD when you water you lose a LOT of material out of those big holes. Still lose minute amounts out the MANY 1/8" holes too but NOWHERE NEAR the extreme it was coming out with 3/8" holes :wink:

I just used my soldering iron which is probably around 1/8". There is about 5 3/8 holes on the bottom of the pot and I just pushed a skewer thru them to hopefully help it dry out so I can feed them soon.


Hope it bounces back quickly for you

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It really does not look that bad, so I would bet it will bounce back

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It’s no problem bringing them back, I’ve purposely over watered plants just to show growers what over watering looks like and how it progresses with chronic over watering, then I bring them back, just by letting it dry up.


Well this makes me feel much better. I will keep you updated and I appreciate all the help!!!


IMO the heavy pot thing only works well once your root system fills the pot and can drink from the bottom. i had this issue at the start of my grow when i used a large pot instead of transplanting it from smaller one.

plant would get thirsty while the pot was still fairly heavy since it wasn’t pulling water from the bottom. i also had same issue with probe moisture meter… it would show more moisture the farther i put it in. would show dry near top but show VERY wet in mid/bottom of pot.

I don’t think she’s going to recover. Keeps looking worse, pot is still heavy and moisture meter is still showing very moist.

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Wow thats crazy…id pull it out of that soil and trans plant asap. Might bounce back if you do that but hey I was pretty damn sure it was thirsty and you didn’t know what a heavy pot felt like lol.

Well, not sure what to say now
Definitely looks like it needs something different