Did I over-dry my first half-decent chiba? :(

Good news is I got 4 jarfuls (yeah yeah, 3 pictured). It is about 3.5 oz, or 100 grams. I think a lot of it is stuff others would not have saved, though, and some is stemmy, some is sugarleaf… But still, even if it’s only half-decent and larpy, there is no way it is not at least 2 oz. So at least for quantity and completion, yay me.

Unfortunately, either my Bovedas are defective, my jars are, my weed is, or I am, or some composition of any number of the above. Because the RH inside the jars is really low, like I am not able to get it up to 62% or whatever.

I dried my stuff hanging up in a closed grow tent sized 2.3’x2.3’. I had a fan inside blowing on a little thing of water. I was trying to keep the humidity at about 50%, but it was always at least 40%, if not more like 45%. I checked it fairly frequently. I never had branches “snap” or whatever. The small branches would still just bend. It was also not even in there for a week. But I am guessing I dried it out too fast?

What can I do now? Is it basically just “done” now, and it is what it is, and curing is pointless? I read everything I could before embarking, and I never saw anyone talk about this. It was always about mold and whatever. I actually had better luck drying whole plants in paper bags than I did doing it the proper way. :frowning:

How can I prevent this in the future, and what can I do to save this stuff? It will be my only stuff for at least two weeks, maybe a month. (Also, I’m not sure what larpy means, but… I think it is kind of larpy stuff. I guess that is a separate topic, trying to figure out why that happened.)

Thanks! You’re my only hope!

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The larfy stuff you talk about are small buds that did not get the light needed to grow better. You can still, in my world use it for what ever you want tho it will not be as good as your other buds, but still does the trick. I believe that there are some here that can help you solve your issue better than myself. I believe that you can get your humidity up. Hope some other chimes in onwhat they did.

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@thecount13 Thanks! Yeah, I will just have to figure out a way to get more humidity into the dry tent if it needs to be more like 50%… It’s tough here because it gets really cold in the winter, which means the forced air heating goes like crazy, drying out the air, and any humidity I introduce leads to mold due to the extreme temp difference. Hoping it stays in the tent anyway. 40% seems to be okay (which is where I keep my grow tent since I have an AK-47 in there anyway, and they recommend 40%), but I guess I was wrong to think 40-45% were okay for a dry tent! dang it

How long di you let them hang in your tent? Ten to 14 days is good. :rofl: :bat:

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@thecount13 No, it wasn’t even 7 days, I don’t think. I think I should have taken it out sooner, but I didn’t know realize :frowning:

If is was seven days as you say, you may have taken them out too early. Did the buds come off easly, any snapping at the branch? You may have taken them off too early. just me tho :rofl: :bat:

Sometimes the mini hygrometers are not the most accurate. Right now I have three of them in zip loc bag with a 62% Boveda. Surprisingly they are very close to each other. Two read 56% and the other is 55%. I mark on the back side that I need to add 6 - 7% to get the actual RH.
If you have a extra hygrometer and Boveda you may want to try this. In the jars it will take a while for the buds to absorb the moisture from the Boveda, once they are up to RH, the hygrometer should measure differently.
When you touch or squeeze the bud how does it feel? Brittle? Or soft? What happens when you put a little in a grinder?

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If a little dry, you can also add a fresh leaf to as some RH. However, if dried too fast, I don’t think it will help with the curing process. First grow, I dried way too fast. If I recall, this is the info I reed and/or was told.

@thecount13 @beardless @PP3121 Thanks you guys!

I’ve got the jars jammed as full as I reasonably can and as many Boveda packs as I have (and I have ordered more). I don’t think the hygrometers are the issue. They’re all within a couple % of each other. But no matter what I do, the ganja doesn’t get anywhere near the range it’s supposed to for curing. Could be that the Boveda packs are no longer putting out humidity, or maybe all four were calibrated too low… But even without the Boveda packs, the ganja alone should be above 60%, so I think it dried out too fast in the tent. It was in there 7 days, max, and if it was still too wet for the jars, I’d know it, because it would smell weird and the humidity would be in the mold zone.

Then again, maybe it is actually at 62% right now and the hygrometers are all just calibrated low…

They are pretty brittle, but they also squish a little bit. It grinds up nice and fluffy, though, and when I roll it into a joint, it burns well and stays lit the whole time. It is not super harsh, but I’m sure the sugar leaves I left in make it less smooth!

Anything I can do for my 3 oz of probably overdryed ganja?

I stuck a couple in the driest one. Overnight with the (maybe somewhat dead) Bovedas, the morning readings were 53%, 52%, 5X?% (I think it was also 52%, bottom one in middle), and 52%. So pretty dang close to each other but not close to the “62%”.

That sounds about right. Curing takes the harshness out.

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Boveda packs are not designed to add moisture/humidity…they are designed to maintain it.
If I need to raise the humidity as much as you need to, I place the buds in a larger container so they are not packed and put a moist sponge in an open plastic bag in with the buds.

When the humidity gets to about 62% and hold there when I remove the sponge for an hour or so, then the Boveda packs are good for maintaining that humidity.


@beardless It leaves a giant cloud, too, in joint form!

@merlin44 Thanks, maybe I need to recharge my Boveda packs that way, too… They maybe had the juice sucked out of them in my previous grow… Will see if I can find a big container and give this a try.

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I don’t think that will work…give it a try and let us know.

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I thought cramming them in the jars was bad for airflow/drying? Looks yummy though! @Tinymight_Autoflowerer

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@OooWee1184 Starting to smell nice, too! In the tent, it smelled really dank. Anyway, yeah, I think cramming them together is terrible for drying, because it can encourage mold. However, since my stuff is too dry already… I don’t know. I’m going to try the big container with a sponge trick instead of over-taxing these poor Bovedas.

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try a orange peel or a piece of lettuce in the jar !

Lettuce comprises up to 95% water, which makes it a great candidate for rehydrating your weed . Similar to using a citrus peel, leaving a small cut of lettuce peel in a bag with your dry buds for 2-3 hours can rehydrate them without transferring any taste or smell.


@jack181 Wow! Sponge seems to be working maybe, but I bet some lettuce in the smaller jars with the Bovedas might help. Thanks I’ll try it!

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The lettuce will help for sure just dont over do it and id stay clear of any fruit peels as they will mold i use to use collard greens to rehydrate dry herb worked wonders and never left a different taste


I’d put the lettuce piece (if you’re going to try that) into an open Ziploc and put that in. I don’t think it’s a good idea for the lettuce to have contact with the bud. Just my opinion. Hope it works out!


@OooWee1184 @LiesGrows @jack181 Thanks, guys! Yeah, you caught me just in time. I was going to try just putting the lettuce right in there. Baggy might be better.

I think the giant jar with sponge would have worked, but I packed the buds too tight, so the moisture couldn’t get to the bottom!