Did I move my girls out too early?

Hello all,
First time outdoor grower. I started my girls about two months ago and have had them on an 18/6 schedule. I decided to move three outdoor to see how they would grow. The girls outgrew my space sooner than anticipated and I had to move them outside to my tent. Am I at risk of premature flowering? My day/night schedule in my area is 14hrs 15 minutes of daylight and 9hrs 45 minutes of night. I’ve been bringing them into my garage right before night to keep them under some light for longer. I’d rather not continue to do this because the plants and the 10 gallon pots are very heavy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :blush:


No current pics of them outside and the weather is really bad right now. Pictures coming soon. Just wondering if this outdoor light schedule will initiate flowering. I had intended on putting them out in early June but the girls had a different plan.

Looks good. Those girls won’t flower being initiated into sunlight. Unless it’s more then 12 hrs dark. I’m in New England and strictly outdoors. Gloomy weather and shade is not the same as 12 hours of night.

Thanks! Next season I won’t even mess with moving from inside to outside.

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Unless it’s below freezing outside or even under 50°F. Can keep them outside

I believe it will get down to 48-49 degrees early morning but it’s going to be 50 degrees most of the night. They’re in a grow tent, I added a clear plastic cover because the rain and wind have been insane for CA.


Nice set up. I know this has been one rainy spring.

Oklahoma is getting slammed with thunderstorms and tornadoes right now