Did I miss something? some help?

A question from a fellow grower;

I received my 10 seeds about 6 weeks ago. I did not have good results. One was broken and only 4 germinated the broken one was one of them but it died before developing past cotyledon stage. I used damp 100% cotton nursing pads (a little larger than make-up pads but in a 10 pack) after soaking in rodi water for 14-16 hrs (they all sank) I used RODI water on cotton pads and placed in my clone room at 75F and %38-40RH. the 4 that split went into peat pellets with 1 drop of complex seed fert (beneficial baby nutes)

3 of them developed beautifully and have already reached +6" and multilevel leaves after 15 days. the rest I dropped into peat+ pellets after 6 days. one looked like it split but the rest did nothing. i’ve waited an extra 10 days but the seeds are still down in the pellets closed tight. I dug a couple out with tweezers to see if they did anything. (this method is how I grow most brassicaceae aka cabbage type plans they just spend enough time in water to sink, then they go in a damp crown royal bag overnight then before a root gets beyond a nub they go right into garden soil 100+ at a go)

I don’t grow a lot of cannabis, in fact I think I will move to auto seeds next go so I can do perpetual grows. I have only had one person tell me to add %20 hydro peroxide to kush seeds because they do have a longer flower time and develop a heartier shell. I don’t know about that it sounds like an urban legend.

As a vastly more experienced cannabist can you tell me; did I miss something? should I be more patient?

I am very happy with my 3 healthy plants, I added them to my grow room along with some acdc and kentucky durban clones and they are better looking and out growing my well established (healthy 30 day old) hydro clones after just sprouting 2 weeks ago. I still have them in 1/2 qt nursery pots for a couple more weeks.

Did I miss something? How are you keeping the seeds in the cotton pads, warm?

75f is not warm enough for starting seeds. Should be more 85f+

Also; Your RH is low. In my experience; Seeds do very well at a reading of 55-65 % RH . Just don’t drown them. I start my seeds in 1.5" rock wool cubes. Easy Peasy :smile: Cabbage, beans, cucumbers are a lot more forgiving than the Cannabis seedling. Invest a few bucks in a few rock wool cubes. You might be glad you did. :slight_smile:

Rock wool. I soak them long enough to be full of water. It is not a bad idea to PH the water, but I do not. I use my well water; 220 ppm, and ph 7.1+ Never have an issue. So I soak them, I shake excess water from them to open air pockets, and lose some of the water content, then U put seed into it.

Hope this helps.

I see you are doing a lot of good things. I like that you are controlling pot size on your little ones. There just too many new Cannabis growers, that just want to throw a seed into a 5 gallon bucket.

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