Did I mess up my Autoflower?


My seed germinated the first week of June. The first week of July I planted it outside because I was going out of town. The first week of August I built a grow box and brought it indoors. The light in the grow box was a cheap one and I replaced it after a couple of weeks. So then the plant started growing taller, but was showing signs of stress. I finally figured out it was root bound. I transplanted it a week ago into a fabric container. It is growing again and looks great. So I did a little more research and read that an autoflower will flower after 2 or 3 months no matter how badly its been treated. Will it eventually flower?


yes she will flower. the main concern for stressing an auto is overall yields being reduced.

what is your light schedule? if you are ready to flower move her to 12/12 itll help. also, usually an autoflower would have started to show sex by now. either way changing the light shouldnt hurt


You planted in June? Hmmm, now that she’s inside, go a head & change your lights to 12/12. That should get her to flip.

What do your indoor temps look like? What were your outdoor growing conditions (hot & dry, cool & rainy, etc)? Is that white thing on the chair a heater, a fan, or a dehumidifier? If it’s a heater, it shouldn’t be blowing directly on your plants. If it’s a fan, it also doesn’t need to blow directly onto your plants; it just needs to get the air moving in your tent, and the plants moving just a bit, too. If it’s a dehumidifier, it should be ok, there.

Also, cover any lights on it or any other cord/appliance in your grow room. With autos, this usually isn’t an issue, but since you need to jump start budding, you’ll want complete darkness during lights out.

Transplanting so late in any cannabis plant’s life can be dicey. Transplanting autos is even dicier. Luckily, I think your girl was so far along that transplanting couldn’t stunt anything. Possibly being rootbound added stress, but your plant looks nicely developed…it’s just not blooming.

There are plenty of sativa dominant auto strains. 5 out of 7 of my strains are sativa dominant.


I guess its ww auto.


What strains?


You should check out my auto 2018 grow journal. :grinning: I don’t really want to clutter up this thread with info that won’t help the original poster.


I wouldn’t be surprised if I messed up the order, but its supposed to be an autoflower AK-47. Temp is right around 80 degrees F. The white thing is an oscillating fan. I will move it so it just moves air around. Its in the basement and I have adjusted the lights to 12/12, 7am to 7pm, so at lights out it should be very dark in there.


I dont know where u got that info from but it is not correct. Autoflowers can b any strain or combination thereof.


Nothing is messed up so far when plant grows.