Did I mess up badly, or can these survive?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hey guys & gals.
First time grower here.
I planted seeds in the same container. It won’t be long until they’re ready for transplant. Did I mess up badly, or can these survive?
Attaching photo.
Any advice is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Maybe not, but you want to separate them before the roots intertwine. I would prepare pots for them, get the soil damp and use a teaspoon to lift them out. They may experience some transplant shock but it’s better than the alternative haha.


I would also get them separated asap
They will certainly die if left together as they are


Do you think they’ll be okay for one more day? (Need to gather materials.) I only plan on keeping a couple of the good ones. Limited space.

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They’ll be fine for another day or three. But, if those are quality feminized seeds, repot them all and give away what you can’t keep!


That’s how we used to do it on the farm. Make sure the soil is damp when you separate them. They should be fine.


If not look at the lesson learnt. Apply the lesson and get better. That’s in all areas of life I believe.

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See the runt all alone? I had one of those. Turned into this.


I think they’re doing pretty well now.
I’ve been reading up on pruning.
Do they appear to be ready?
I’m still being cautious.

They are really stretchy. You want to get the lights closer. Gonna b hard now they are different heights. Maybe some side lighting as well


Your plants look healthy but do not prune. You seem to have a lot of stretching where your plants are tall and skinny. This is usually due to low light intensity. You certainly will need more lights to have any kind of decent yield.

I’ve moved them for now. Won’t be able to purchase more lighting for a bit. This seems like it should help?

I agree with this comment. You will be OK if you get them in separate pots before the roots tangle. Good Luck :slight_smile: