Did i lollipop my LST right?

Ok, so i just attempted to lollipop one of my girls and want thoughts on it. First attempt ever… Shes in her 3rd week of flower and not taller than 1ft.

I felt like maybe i couldve clipped a few more small buds at the bottom, but hoping theyll grow upward into the others to make a larger cola. Or…?


TO THE MODS… Delete this. Btw, if u could email me how to RESUME my post, as it was, after it tells me its too late to edit the post… It takes me to the edit screen and then i edit it, and when i click save, it tells me its too late.

However at that point, it seems to only give me the option of DISCARDING it or SAVING it. Abd since it wont let me save it, i ended up accidentally deleting my post. Ive rven tried closing chrome and coming back fresh, and it takes me straight back to the edit page until i choose one.

Help on that please?

I like the LST - nice flat top. Buds should form well.
The little gals on the bottom probably wont reach the main canopy but will develop further as long as they get enough light.

How old is she?
What strain?

Thanks. Screwed up edit. Reposting.

re edit - yeah it does that. I just let it ride

Please delete this thread. I remade it already. Ugh so confusing… Please dont reply here.

Looking good. Nice job.

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