Did i just ruin my auto gmo cookies

so i planted 2 auto fem gmo cookies from nukeheads. It has been some years since first attempting to grow i just soaked my soil and then planted the seed and covered with plastic bowls for germnization. i planted 3 days ago and havent seen results . i sifted thru the soil today and seen the seed has germinated. have i damaged my seedling exposing it before it reached above soil? or will my seedlings still strive above the soil?


Nah you’re fine I always get impatient around day 3 a do a gentle brush aside to check on them you should switch from bowls to clear containers It probably doesn’t matter but I think it helps the seeds find the top and you don’t have to let the moisture escape when you check


thanks loving this community im new and you guys answer fast. the gmos sprouts one with leaves the other the stem is showing but its still in the dirt.should i dome the one still in soil.

You can dome them a bit longer until they re standing strong and opened up

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Gotta admit I have launched quite a few seed search missions myself, not a big deal.

How did this grow with Nukeheads work out?