Did I get the wrong seeds?

ILGM White Widow Auto:
“You can expect the plants to reach heights of between 20 and 24 inches.”

Hydro DWC, about 9 weeks, 4th wk of flower. About 5’ of plant. (5’ tall and 5’ wide). I topped 18" about a week ago.


The characteristics cited by seed sellers assume ideal conditions that hobby growers rarely achieve. Better lighting will produce a more compact plant. Your plant has experienced quite a bit of stretching, as it is doing so in search of more light.

I max out my plants at ~1,100 PPFD and get plants like this:


Rocket man, wow that stretched out big time! Need higher light output or need to lower lights closer to plants while they grow… Lots of help on these forums buddy.


Anticipate freakishly large plants compared to “average” in DWC. :v:


It’s a beautiful plant. It is probably the healthiest individual that I’ve grown. I’ve had a Mars Hydro TS1000 from seedling within 8" or so raising as she grew. Then a second lamp and now three. I gave her the room instead of growing two plants and she took it.
This isn’t my first White Widow. I’ve grown several averaging 6-8 oz and 3-4 ft high. It was the first seed from a new bag.
As for stretch, the leaves indicate sativa dominance which are taller by nature. But the lighting habits are consistent with my last 20 grows.
In her fourth week of flower now she may grow another 6 inches as the buds develop. I’ll train the tallest branches to keep them from burning on the lights.
Anyhow I’m not disappointed with the girl. If she smokes good and yields 12-16 oz of fine bud I don’t care what strain it is. But I don’t think it is WW.

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