Did I get bud rot from mold in the shower?

Yes, I know it sounds crazy. I put a King’s Kush into a closet that was close to a shower that had mold due to tile that was broken and the mold started growing there.

A month later, I did get bud rot (botrytis) on two plants, then all of the bread we had in the house is getting mold about 3 days after it comes into the house?

I don’t have photos of the bud rot on the plant right now, it did have it and I threw it away, didn’t use it bc of this forum which identified the bud rot.

Am I crazy or is this all related??? :upside_down_face:

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There are mold spores everywhere, but yes, one would expect that there are more around the damp environment of a shower.


You need to be wearing a mask in there. Tape the tub off with plastic until you can fix it and air the house out !

I can say that I’ve seen it growing on the walls of an old shed with grow lights in it for years and never had an issue. Too high a humidity combined with no air is usually the culprits.

I’d be spraying everything down with hydrogen peroxide if it was that bad , good luck mate

As mentioned, mold spores are everywhere.

I doubt the mold in your shower is the same as the botrytis. More than likely the high humidity of the location allowed bud rot to set in and take off.

The area may be fully contaminated by spores, (tell me there’s no carpeting). In the future try to keep humidity lower in flower, and keep an eye on rh spikes at lights out.

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I had to leave town for a week and it was in a closet by itself with no care, no fan, no light. Bad timing as it was close to being done. Doh.

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