Did I get an autoflower?

Did I maybe get an autoflower in my feminized seed pack? Or other explanation?

Got a super mix, feminized seed pack. Started a gorilla glue and Bruce banner from that pack and a master kush from another ilgm pack.

Pictures are from these three plants and the seed pack for the banner.

Vegged 6 weeks, went to 12/12 three weeks ago.

The Bruce Banner looks almost ready to harvest, gorilla glue and master kush look like what I’d expect at this point.

As a newbie, first year growing, just wondering if it’s something I did, or did a autoflower maybe jump in the pack?

Thanks, Tim

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Looks like it’s photoperiod to me. Here’s a product code list that may clear things up:

These plants all look like they’re outside, how did you control light schedule? Also wondering when plant in question started flowering?

@dbrn32 thanks for the reply!

They’re in 7 gallon fabric pots, so at some point after dark they get moved to garage [windows taped over, very dark], then brought back out approximately 12 hours before sunset. We kinda eased them in over the course of a week.

I didn’t keep good notes, but anecdotally it seemed to start getting white pistils very early.

There are a total of 5 plants [3 ilgm & 2 other] the other four look like the two pics at top, just the Bruce Banner seems so far ahead… it’s not a big deal, I’ll probably just harvest it within the next week or so as tricomes are cloudy and amber.

They were all topped twice, but the Bruce snapped a branch while I was doing some training [it was growing straight up]. I taped it at the break and it recovered nicely, could that accelerate the flowering process?

Thanks again! Tim


Any stress could throw them into flower. Some plants are extremely sensitive and others not really at all. Just like thumb eyeballing lights on time. Some plants could take a major change in light schedule without issue at all, and some plants may have adverse reaction to even a small change.