Did i germinate my seeds the rite way?

First i folded a paper towel then i soaked it with water then i put 2 seeds on the paper towel and folded the paper towel closed then i put more water on top of the paper towel and pressed the paper towel down tightly against the seeds and then i put it in my dresser draw, did i germinate my seeds the rite way ? And how long will it take for a root to pop out of the seeds ?

If it is a healthy seed it will take any where from 3-12 days other people would probably tell you different but every seed I germinate takes 3 days to 12 days to germinate

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Also keep in mind your germinating seeds should be getting light enable to pop a root. Sunlight is one of many vital things to help or grow with strong healthy roots

Hey you can download ricks grow bible it answer ever question. Don’t take this wrong i did not know if you have read it yet.
Your dresser is ok if you keep it near 73 degrees. When I germinate mine I use room temp water In a glass for 24 hours. Then I drop it in the soil. Some of my seeds have popped open in 24 hours. My Water from the tap is high in the 7 to 8 range, so I lower PH to around 6.5. Hope this helps some.

I do mine the same way a glass of luke warm water and I change the water once a day

I just checked the paper towel i put the seeds on and there is no root sticking out and the paper towel is completely dry, should i soak the paper towel again ? Or did i kill the seeds by letting the paper towel get dry ?

Don’t lose hope get it a tad moist with Luke warm water you should be able to save them

You need to put some saran wrap or something around the paper towel to keep it from drying out. It doesn’t have to be air tight. Some people put the folded towel in a sandwich bag.In fact, the whole point of growing a healthy seed, or root system, and a little seed is almost only root in the beginning, is the balance of water and air, the air makes sure the water does not become stagnant and helps dissolve oxygen into the water, which the roots need to be healthy.

You are probably lucky the seeds didn’t crack open yet. If they crack open and the exposed new root dries out they are done, dead, finito. Do not let it dry out completely, just like you can’t let a adult plant dry out totally.


Can i change method and put the seeds that i have in the paper towel in a cup of luke warm water ? Or should i just stick with the paper towel ?

A cup of water is fine, just change the water regularly to make sure it doesn’t become stagnant. You can even add a drop or a few of regular drug store hydrogen peroxide to the water, just don’t over do it. The reason I specify “regular” H2O2 is because there is a kind of “industrial strength” stuff that hydro growers use and some other growers as well, and that stuff needs to be heavily diluted if you are going to use it on something like seedlings, the regular drug store stuff is already heavily diluted in comparison.


Agreed a cup of luke warm water would be done just keep the water changed out to keep it from going stagnant. Some people say to change it every other day, I change my water once a day but I have a husky and his hair constantly flies so that’s why mine is changed once a day

i just checked my seeds and both seeds have cracked and there is the tiniest of roots sticking out on both seeds you pretty much have to look at the seeds with a microscope to see the roots but they are there, should i now plant them ? and if yes do i want the root facing down in the soil or up towards the light ?

I already answered that here:

And yes, this means the tiny root tip is going to be pointing up when you put it in, but it will quickly bend around and grow down, on its own, towards the pull of gravity. Having the shell oriented in this way helps the shell stay in the ground and helps the seedling extract itself from the shell as the top of the seedling will then continue to push up towards the surface.

Also this is best when the seed has just barely cracked open, if the root is coming to far out of the seed, if it had been left in the paper towel or cup of water long enough for it to do so, then yes, you will need to put it root side down and probably have to then carefully remove the shell manually yourself.


ok i planted them, one of the seeds went in perfectly with the root pointing straight up and the other seed went in pointing up but at a 10. o clock angle, the soil i am using is black gold soil and it is not compact it is lumpy i just put it into my flower pots last night , i watered the soil before putting the seeds in and i put a little more water on top after planting them, did i do this rite ?

Yea macg’s post states specifically how to do it, but yea you did it right

I got the temperature in my tent down to reasonable temperature by adding a 120mm computer fan as a intake and it fit perfectly in my tents fan bay, so now i got a 4 inch duct fan and a 120mm computer fan as intakes and a 6 inch duct fan as exhaust, i just planted my seeds yesterday how long will it be before the plant pops out of the soil ?

It depends on how healthy the root system is to the seed, I’m average could be any where from 3-7 days

I soaked my seeds in water for 24 hours and put them in moist soil about a 1/4 inch deep, it’s been 5 days and none have came up, should I be concerned? Thanks.

I just hope you didn’t get them from this webbsite.If you did you may be In trouble.Good fresh seeds are easy to germinate if you follow these directions the guys have given you.I myself just went through a bad situation with 20 WWFems.I got five of them to germinate,out of the five two of them will have a hard time making it through the week.They came in a generic baggie,kind of like the ones you get free with orders from the BIG GUYS,by the way I don’t have much luck with the free seeds either they usually are old and don’t germinate anyway.On the other hand this site has a great team of people that can provide a wealth of good information.Good luck with your grow.And by the way there are a lot of sites you can purchase good healthy seeds from,

Your not doing some thing right I get them to germinate no problem

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