Did I FIM right?


Did I FIM right on these 4?




Looks good to me buddy @peachfuzz what you think


Looks ok to me as well but I might have gone a little lower.


Because #1 Doesn’t show too much of the centre being cut…? @HJL


Ok… I went back and cut slightly lower


Looks good… I go crazy and top every node every 3 to 6 day’s… :wink:



Went slightly lower




How long before flip do you stop topping ? Or do you top right up to flip?


I might give them a week before going to 12/12 … for me it usually depends on how fast they are growing and how big they are that determines when I flip… if you top and throw them into 12/12 right away , you might get some weird looking buds… but that’s about it…:wink:


Ive got 3 weeks of Veg left. Flip on Christmas day as a gift to her lol


Can i jump in here…:raising_hand_woman:‍♀ why have you fimmed rather than topped? What are the benefits? x



  • Fimming can give rise to 4 new top colas
  • Topping can give rise to 2 new top colas


@stells…FIM can produce more new tops than a simple topping.
sometimes as many as 4. Hard to tell until it grows out.


Ok, so I’ve gotten 2 different responses from my FIMing🤔

Pic 1. Old growth growing back where cut

Pic 2. New pistols coming through where cut was made

I did do something a little different to one of them after the cut so I’m intrigued to see how they both regrow to find out which way ill try again the next time. @basementstealth & @peachfuzz might find this interesting


About 1.5" up on the right side of the base theres a bump, that’s the FIM which made the big knot at the base with 5 branches coming out all of which think they are tops now
The node under the FIM is where the grow will appear


I got 6 working 8 on my grow just fimmed day before flipping u can do it up to 2weeks after flipping but not any farther.


Going to do 2 rounds of FIMing hoping to get about 20 tops. The mother of the GG#4 im grow now spilt in two from topping so from now on I just FIM


This my last fim

YoYou can see the last two under it


I’m getting two different reactions from my FIMs


What’s the question… I’m lost and medicated… :wink: