Did I end up with an autoflower?

This plant is about 6.5 weeks old. I’ve been on 18-6 indoor light schedule. It’s supposed to be a femonized Harle-Tsu. I bought the seed on a site before I knew this site existed. All of these white hairs seem like more than pre-flowers, but this is only my 2nd grow so I’m not for sure. What do you guys think? If it is an auto, what are my next steps? Should I change the light schedule or color? I have other photos growing so that would be inconvenient.

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Just let it go and let it grow. If it’s an auto, won’t make a difference. Keep the light schedule for the other plants.


I would agree it definitely looks like it’s entering preflower, not unheard of it seems to get a mix up from time to time in the seeds

That’s full blown flower. If the lights are truly 18/6 then you have an autoflower. You don’t need to change your light schedule. That’s a perk of autos.


Bummer. I topped it 2 weeks ago. Wouldn’t have done that I’d I knew it was an auto.

You can top autos. I’ve topped all mine except for one. As long as you get it at the right time. Which looks like you did.

Well that’s lucky. So I’ll just switch to Tiger Bloom the next time I feed.

Keep the big bloom of you have it. That’s your macro nutes

I do have Big Bloom. I thought Tiger Bloom was better for flowering. Should I start using it in a few weeks.

They’re used in conjunction with each other. I’d start at week 1 of 12/12 on the chart but at about 1/4 strength and see how the plant reacts. If you’re not getting any tip burn, bump it up to half the next feed and repeat.