Did I do this right for seedlings


So I made this box for my seeds and didn’t make any vent holes yet. There is a 100 watt cfl at the top. Can I make vent holes in the back. 1 on top and 1 on the bottem. If yes can I drill a few 2 inch holes or do I need to cut out the back and put a computer fan mounted on the sides. Temp is holding at 80. I plan on putting a small fan inside. Ty, appreciate all advice.



Personally I like your idea :+1: but let’s ask some more knowledgeable folks :grimacing:
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ty, trying my best. its all new to me


You’re welcome. I’m still overwhelmed and just ordered some seeds myself. It’s going to be my first time but lots of folks here always willing to help. Just put @ before someone’s name like @daddydays to tag someone to your post :blush:


ty,good info about the tag. going to be my real fist time also, going to get their auto mixed pack and try to have fun while i watch them grow :+1:


Cool box! You’ll definitely want to ventilate it somehow, so your kiddos get fresh air/co2. Depending how long your seedlings will be in there, you might want the breeze to make them wiggle to strengthen the stems, too.


ty, there only going to be in there for 2 weeks then transplant them to a 5 gallon bag and placed in a small greenhouse. so for ventilation can i drill out a few 2 inch holes in the back, i am also going to place a small fan in there for circulation


I really like your box! Definitely get some ventilation to make your babies happy.

Autos don’t like tolerate being transplanted as well as photos. 2 weeks is about 1/5 of an auto’s life, just keep that in mind.

I’m doing my first auto grow, now. At 7 days from starting them, they’re now in 3 & 5 gallon buckets. Definitely different than photo-fems. :blush:


thanks for the info, the more help the better the grow :+1:


i would put two 80mm computer fans in the box. one for out take the other for intake.


The box is cool, nice job!

Is the cfl a 100 watt consumption, or is it a 23 watt cfl that’s 100 watt equivalent? If it’s the latter, it may be a little far for being that small. I typically used tubes prior to leds, but I had two 20ish watt tubes just a couple inches over the top of my dome. Also cfl’s put out a little more par when they’re horizontally mounted with reflector over top.

If nothing else, you can probably put your dome on top of a bucket or something if need be. So don’t sweat it much until you give it a try. Just watch for the plants to stretch and adjust accordingly. As far as fans go, you probably don’t have to worry as much about a circulation fan. Not if they’re only going to be in there for 2 weeks max, and you decent air exchange. If it were me, I may consider running two exhaust near the top of box and a passive intake on bottom. It’s easier to control that way in my opinion. You can either shut a fan off, choke off your intake, or a combination of both. But an intake and exhaust fan will work too.

Happy to help with anything else if I can.


Thanks for the info, and it’s a 23 watt equivalent. And the max that they will be in there is 1 to 2 weeks because they will be auto’s. I will look into 2 small pc fans for intake and outtake.


Good deal! Just keep an eye out for your seedlings to stretch early and adjust height. When they’re small like that, they’ll fall over if they get too leggy without having solid root base.


I like where you’re going with that.


Ordered 🖒



First I want to Welcome you to ILGM.
I see you already met a few of our members…they are awesome fokes
Any way , Ya I would drill two holes on top and bottom, cause you can cover one of them top and bottom and use them later for when you go to veg and flower stages and switch to a higher light watage


I’m a out door guy but I do like the box! I could have used it. got caught by a late cold snap last spring and had to keep my girls inside for a week… I had to improvise


Ty, but I am going to make some slight modifications to it. Gotta vent it and will probably lose some heat so I might add another light :sunglasses:


Looks like a good seedling grow box - I use one myself with CFL lighting for the dome. I agree with the others that fans will be a good idea. Best of luck to you. Jeb